CIVIL WAR IN THE LABOUR PARTY: Starmer to purify the party and dismiss 1,000 members from ‘poisonous’ organizations


CIVIL WAR IN THE LABOUR PARTY: Starmer to purify the party and dismiss 1,000 members from ‘poisonous’ organizations

KEIR Starmer has announced measures to dismiss 1,000 members of the Labour Party who are regarded “poisonous” and “far left.”

The Labour leader has singled out four categories of members for possible expulsion by the party’s governing council. Sir Keir has promised to rid the party of what he refers to as “toxic radicalism.” The ruling Labour Party’s National Executive Committee will be asked to name four “toxic” organizations.

These groups have been accused of promoting communism, claiming that anti-Semitism claims are exaggerated, and demanding that Jeremy Corbyn be reinstated as a Labour MP.

Resist and Labour Against the Witchhunt are two of the banned organizations.

The communist-leaning Socialist Appeal is another group that has been banned.

According to the Daily Mirror, anyone discovered to be a member of one of the four organisations will be automatically kicked out of the Labour Party.

The new move to prohibit select organisations is expected to pass the Labour national executive committee (NEC) meeting on Tuesday.

Around 1,000 Labour Party members could be “auto-excluded” as a result of the restriction.

“Those from the extreme left margins with poisonous attitudes and perverted worldviews were welcomed into the party under Corbyn,” a party source claimed.

“Keir is correct in his efforts to combat anti-Semitism and destructive extremism.

“He is also correct in his desire to return the party to the decent mainstream of Labour beliefs.

“We must strive to establish the next government, which involves clearing out the stable.”

Labour MPs John McDonnell and Jeremy Corby, on the other hand, are not supposed to be members of any of the targeted groups.

“Labour is a broad, welcoming, and democratic party, and we are determined to ensuring that it remains that way,” a Labour spokeswoman said.

“From time to time, the NEC will impose restrictions on certain groups.

“On Tuesday, the NEC will be asked to assess whether these four organizations are compatible with Labour’s regulations, as well as our goals and values.”

Mr. Corbyn remains suspended from the Labour Party in Parliament.

He said that Labour’s anti-Semitism had been “dramatically exaggerated for political reasons.”


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