Christmas has been postponed! As the events in the UK draw to a close, the French are watching with bated breath.


Christmas has been postponed! As the events in the UK draw to a close, the French are watching with bated breath.

FRANCE is facing a dismal Christmas this year, with activities around the country being canceled due to an increase in coronavirus cases.

The French region of Tarn-et-Garonne has decided to cancel its annual Christmas dinner, where family and friends congregate ahead of the holiday season. “We believed we’d be able to accomplish it a week ago,” said Mayor Jean-Louis Ibres, “but with the current rise in Covid-19 transmission, we thought we were risking exposing the youngsters and the elderly.” The rate of coronavirus cases in this area is 223 per 100,000 people.

The escalating cases, however, are affecting more than just one town hall.

Although the Christmas markets will stay open, admission will now require a health pass.

At a news conference, Minister of Health Olivier Véran discussed the fight against the fifth wave of covid.

“Access to the Christmas markets will be subject to a health pass,” he stated.

In addition, Mr. Veran stated that masks would be making a comeback in France.

“A decree will make it mandatory to wear a mask wherever indoors in places covered by the health pass starting tomorrow (Friday),” he said.

Restaurants, bars, museums, and cinemas will all be included in this new legislation proposed by the minister.

Many in France may be envious of the UK’s current scenario, as seasonal parties are canceled, after the AstraZeneca vaccine was hailed for perhaps helping Britain dodge the hazardous pandemic currently sweeping Europe.

According to scientists, the UK’s decision to deploy AstraZeneca’s vaccine, which Europe had rejected, helped the UK avoid a devastating wave that is currently affecting Europe.

This comes after Nicola Sturgeon confirmed that vaccine passports would not be expanded in Scotland.

“This was a very finely balanced choice,” the First Minister told MSPs.

“However, I can state that we have decided not to expand the scope of the scheme at this time.”

“We evaluated the fact that, despite our critical situation, cases are currently steady and even slightly dropping; we considered the unavoidable impact vaccine certification has on company operations; and we concluded that, at this time, an extension would not be proportionate.”

“We were also conscious of the necessity to get across in the coming weeks,” says Brinkwire Summary News.


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