Chris Packham supports an environmental campaign in the Faroe Islands to end ‘cruel’ dolphin slaughter.


Chris Packham supports an environmental campaign in the Faroe Islands to end ‘cruel’ dolphin slaughter.

CHRIS Packham and Dale Vince have backed a green campaign calling for an end to the “cruel and needless” slaughter of whales and dolphins on the Faroe Islands.

Grindadráp whaling is a sort of dolphin drive hunting that involves beaching and slaughtering long-finned pilot whales for their meat in the Faroe Islands. Stop the Grind, a campaign started by the BBC Springwatch broadcaster and Ecotricity creator, has gathered dozens of supporters.

The letter was issued one month after a record 1,428 white-sided dolphins were killed, according to the group, which comprises many marine conservation charities.

“It is our view that the Grindadráp not only flies in the face of the modern spirit of environmental preservation and marine species conservation, but is also widely recognized by your own scientific and medical advisors as being a significant danger to the health of the Faroese people themselves,” the group wrote in a letter to Prime Minister Bárur á Steig Nielsen on Monday, October 11.

“The willingness of corporations and individuals to cut relations with the Faroe Islands over the Grindadráp demonstrates the strength of feeling and international unity on this subject,” it says.

“Some traditions should be committed to the pages of history books,” the committee concluded, while also suggesting methods to go forward.

“Dolphins and pilot whales are important marine animals that should be safeguarded and protected for the health and wellbeing of all people and the planet,” the letter continued.

“It has been proven time and time again that nations and societies that have beneficially turned their traditions of hunting and exploitation of nature to new practices of conservation and restoration have generated significant economic boosts as a result of doing so have generated significant economic boosts.”

Since its debut two weeks ago, Stop The Grind’s petition to abolish the search has gathered over 278,000 signatures.

While a parliamentary petition in the United Kingdom has collected over 40,000 signatures.


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