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CHOICE reveal the best value toilet papers in Australia 

A $3.30 pack of toilet paper has been crowned the best on the market in Australia after consumer experts CHOICE put popular brands to the test.

Sorbent Gold 3 Ply Skin Comfort with Vitamin E (4-pack) came out on top, receiving the highest overall score of 80 per cent.

The top-performing variety stood out from the pack for scoring a stellar 90 per cent for softness and 80 per cent in the disintegration test so it won’t clog your pipes.

The experts rated the essential items based on softness, strength and quality, value for money and whether it can resist puncturing or disintegrate quickly.

The expert testers found there wasn’t much difference among the top five toilet papers, with all of them scoring between 77 per cent and 80 per cent.

But Sorbent was praised for its cheap price tag.

‘So if you’re on a budget you can comfortably opt for the cheaper option while still getting excellent performance,’ the CHOICE expert testers said.

Despite finishing tenth, the experts named Woolworths Essentials Toilet Tissue 2 Ply 12 Rolls ($3.65) as the ‘best budget buy’.

The experts found the supermarket-owned variety ‘fared surprisingly well’ in the test, with Woolworths come in two percentage points ahead of Coles’ 2 ply basic offering ($5.50 for 18 rolls).

Both supermarket-owned labels beat Aldi’s Confidence Hypoallergenic product ($3.65 for 12 rolls) – but the German retailer scored higher for softness than the Coles and Woolworths basics.

The experts found Who Gives A C**p 100% Recycled Double Length 24 rolls ($32) are the ‘softest’ of all the recycled products they tested. 

The recycled rolls impressed the experts in the softness (80 per cent) and disintegration (87 per cent) categories.

Coles 100% Recycled Toilet Tissue 2 Ply 12 rolls ($5.50) got the lowest points out of the 48 products tested, receiving an overall score of just 44 per cent.

‘The Coles product scored a scratchy 55 per cent for softness, and none of them fared well in the puncture test – which is less than ideal,’ the experts said. 

Despite receiving an overall score of 50 per cent, the experts gave Kleenex’s two varieties – Double Length ($5) and Complete Clean ($3.30) an ‘abominable’ zero per cent in the disintegration test.

‘If you have a sensitive sewage system at home, you’ll probably want to give these a miss,’ they claimed.

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