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Chinese woman, 88, dies when runaway dog’s leash pulls her over

An 88-year-old Chinese woman has died after a dog’s leash swept her legs away, causing her to fall onto her face.

The pensioner was standing on a road when the pet ran past her. The dog’s lead got caught around her feet and brought her to the ground.

A girl believed to be the dog walker fled the scene with the pet, leaving the victim lying in the middle of the street appearing lifeless.

The elderly woman was pronounced dead in hospital, according to a local government in Foshan, southern China’s Guangdong Province.

The incident occurred at around 5:20pm on Monday in Luoshui Village in the town of Xingtan, a statement said.

Surveillance footage shows the pet, a large white dog, chasing another dog while its black lead was dragging along the ground behind it.

The animal dashed past the victim, Ms Mai, who was wearing a blue top and standing on the side of the road.

In a split second, the resident fell face-first onto the floor after the running dog’s cord became stuck around her feet, bringing her down by momentum.

A girl believed to be the dog walker soon arrived in search of the runaway pet. The clip shows her calling the dog while ignoring Ms Mai, who was lying feet from her without any movement.

Afterwards, the girl ran away from the scene. Her dog followed her, with its leash still posing a safety hazard.

Several onlookers, including a young woman nearby, witnessed the incident without intervening.

A local official told Chinese video news outlet Pear that Ms Mai was later taken to hospital and declared dead by doctors. 

The official added that the dog’s owner was a local and police were investigating the matter.

The government of Xingtan town has deemed the incident an accident.

In a social media post on Tuesday, the authority said that Ms Mai was hurt after falling to the ground, and she died in hospital after treatment had failed.

The statement claimed that police and paramedics attended the scene immediately after being informed of the matter.

Officials said the dog ran loose after a 12-year-old girl had secretly taken it out of its home for a walk – without its owner’s knowledge.

The pet allegedly broke free from the young walker while passing the Luoshui Market.

The statement did not mention the identity of the individual, who is seen calling the dog back in the video.

But local newspaper Southern Urban Daily suggested that she was the 12-year-old, identified by police as Luo. 

The outlet said that Luo often went to play with the dog. Therefore, the dog was familiar with her.

It claimed that the dog’s owner, whose surname is also Luo, had not been made aware of the fact that the youngster had gone out with the pet.

Police are reportedly carrying out further investigations.

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