China vs. USA: The coded message Biden used this week to deliver a new threat to China.


China vs. USA: The coded message Biden used this week to deliver a new threat to China.

This week, US President Joe Biden welcomed officials from the Quad countries, and he took use of the opportunity to make a new, coded threat to China.

The Quad countries – the United States, Australia, India, and Japan – gathered in Washington this week to continue their strategic maritime cooperation debate. Following the new Aukus agreement, US President Joe Biden took advantage of the chance to ratchet up his rhetoric against China and its danger to the Indo-Pacific area.

China was not officially on the Quad meeting’s agenda.

Mr Biden, on the other hand, spoke of a “free and open Indo-Pacific” – code for confronting an assertive China – in a thinly veiled warning.

This phrase has previously been used to threaten China before it takes control of the region, including key international maritime lanes.

This time, however, the warning had more weight.

With the signing of Aukus, the US, UK, and Australia’s submarine contract this month, both friends and foes of the US are more inclined to believe that the US and its allies are the aggressors.

China’s perceived threat to maritime security in the Indo-Pacific area is the Quad’s main worry.

Beijing has constructed military bases on reclaimed islands in the South China Sea, a vital global waterway and trading route.

Members of the Quad regard this as a possible danger to free commerce and travel.

And each of the Quad countries has its own difficulties with China, ranging from recent border confrontations to rumors regarding the Wuhan Covid lab leak.

The United States is particularly concerned about the implications of China’s maritime claims for commerce.

Nearly $2 trillion in US trade moved through Indo-Pacific waterways in 2019.

Relations with Beijing are already strained, as a result of US President Donald Trump’s tariff fight with China in recent years.

China, on the other hand, remains a vital trading partner for all of the Quad countries.

China, according to commentators, is dissatisfied with the Quad meeting.

Director of the China Power Project at CSIS, Bonny Lin, said: “China has attempted to portray the Quad as a clique that adopts a Cold War zero-sum mentality aimed at confronting China, as well as a military alliance that tries to create Indo-Pacific instability.

“China has also attempted to portray the Quad as a group led by the United States, with the other three actors essentially serving as. “Brinkwire Summary News “..


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