China sends out memos to its citizens advising them to prepare for war.


China sends out memos to its citizens advising them to stockpile supplies in case of war.

According to a podcaster who claims her parents received such messages, China has allegedly sent memos to citizens warning them to stockpile goods and prepare for war.

“In China, my family and friends have been given the advice to start stockpiling,” Cindy Yu said, when asked how tensions over Taiwan are escalating into a potential conflict situation. “I don’t know how much of that is local government or officials taking their jobs too seriously… but there are memos going out right now saying you might want to start thinking about stockpiling for war.”

“The reaction from people I know in China is just saying let’s think about tinned foods, and this sort of thing,” she said on David Runciman’s _Talking Politics _podcast. “If we take Taiwan and the Americans retaliate, and they pursue supply chains, what could happen to us, ordinary people?” she added.

“The wheels are in motion, and I don’t know how it’s going to turn out,” the commentator said of the possibility of a conflict between the United States and China.

However, it appears that the current political situation between the US and China over Taiwan is nothing new.

The very idea of two superpowers squabbling over a problem conjures up images of a Cold War scenario.

Similar characteristics could be seen between the United States and the Soviet Union from the 1960s until the Iron Curtain fell in the early 1990s.

As new superpowers emerge and the world moves toward a more multipolar world order, the security dilemma resurfaces.

With the Taiwan situation remaining largely a war of words and a show of force, all signs point to the island’s status quo being maintained.

In the unlikely event that a conflict erupts, the ramifications will be disastrous.

With permanent seats on the UN Security Council for both China and the United States, any idea of international intervention will be met with a stalemate.

State actors from across the region will be drawn into the conflict, with nuclear powers like North Korea and Russia on the outskirts of a regional conflict.

Add to that the growing presence of Western powers in the region, as well as the global.

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