China sends a warning shot to US Vice President Joe Biden over the country’s power move in Vietnam, branding the US as “two-faced.”


China sends a warning shot to US Vice President Joe Biden over the country’s power move in Vietnam, branding the US as “two-faced.”

The Chinese official media has slammed Washington’s “virulent geopolitical aims” in Asia, warning the US not to use Vietnam as a “leverage against China.”

The warning comes as US Vice President Kamala Harris prepares to visit Vietnam later this month in order to “strengthen relationships and promote economic collaboration.” On Thursday, US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin returned from a two-day visit to Hanoi, where he attempted to deepen political connections between the two countries. Vietnam opposes China’s South China Sea “nine-dash line” claim, which encroaches on Hanoi’s maritime boundaries.

Beijing has started building fake fortified islands in the maritime zone, barring ocean-going vessels from passing freely through.

In a speech to the International Institute for Strategic Studies on Thursday, US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said, “Beijing’s claim to the vast bulk of the South China Sea has no basis in international law.”

“That assumption infringes on the sovereignty of regional states,” he continued.

Beijing is displeased with the United States’ visit to its southern neighbor.

“Austin’s visit was the first to Vietnam by a high-ranking US official since US President Joe Biden took office in January,” the Chinese state-run Global Times reported.

It took solace in the fact that “no meaningful progress has been made in US-Vietnam bilateral relations,” as it put it.

When it comes to Washington’s diplomacy in Southeast Asia, the online news outlet suggests that “the US appears to be concerned with being two-faced.”

According to the mouthpiece of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), the US demonstrates its hypocrisy by imposing “unreasonable sanctions to antagonize China” while while claiming to be “dedicated to forging a constructive, stable relationship with China.”

“Such duplicity cannot mask the most malignant geopolitical ambitions of the US’ China policies,” the Global Times continues.

According to the CCP’s propaganda platform, “the US is now actively considering how to make full use of this ‘perfect tool’ to restrain China.”

This containment, according to Beijing, takes the form of the Biden Administration utilizing Vietnam’s South China Sea conflict with China as “useful leverage” to persuade Hanoi to support the US.

However, the Global Times claims that no matter how hard the US attempts to win over Hanoi, “Vietnam would maintain a distance from Washington, since it is wary of provoking China.”

The tabloid is adamant. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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