China has threatened reprisal in response to Biden’s latest punishment, which has enraged Beijing authorities.


China has threatened reprisal in response to Biden’s latest punishment, which has enraged Beijing authorities.

CHINA has warned the United States to expect reprisal if President Joe Biden follows through on his threat of more sanctions against Chinese officials.

Relations between China and the United States have reached an all-time low as tensions between the two countries rise over continued concerns about Beijing’s behavior in Hong Kong. President Joe Biden indicated on Friday that the United States is preparing to impose a fresh round of sanctions on Chinese officials in an effort to loosen Beijing’s grip on the special administrative area. According to CNBC reporter Eunice Yoon, the mere threat of more economic sanctions enraged Beijing, prompting a counter-threat against the US.

“Just the fear of the Biden advisory is setting Chinese officials off,” Ms Yoon added.

“The person in charge of overseeing Hong Kong has accused the United States of aiming to empower anti-China agitators or Hong Kong operatives in the city.

“He promised China would retaliate if more penalties were imposed on Chinese officials.

“This comes as the US is apparently planning to penalize seven more Chinese officials in connection with Hong Kong’s year-old national security law.”

She went on to state, “And also would release an alert warning American corporations that if they cooperate with US sanctions, they may face electronic surveillance without warrants, scrutiny of corporate customer data, and possibly reprisal owing to a new Beijing anti-sanctions law.”

“All of this adds up to a deteriorating business climate, as President Biden put it.

“The advisory also serves as a reminder to US businesses that dealing with sanctioned Chinese officials might have serious consequences.”

In a statement issued late Friday, a representative for China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Hong Kong harshly condemned the US moves, calling them “blatant interference” in Hong Kong and China’s domestic affairs.

“US fears over Hong Kong’s business climate are bogus; its attempt to ruin Hong Kong’s prosperity and stability, harm China’s national security, and stymie China’s development is real,” the spokesman said in a statement.

He went on to say that the security law has strengthened Hong Kong’s status as an international financial and business centre, and that US sanctions and pressures are nothing more than “waste paper” that will not hinder China’s growth.

A spokeswoman for the Hong Kong administration said on Saturday that Washington has tried to smear the law several times in the last year.

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