China has gone off the rails on energy, threatening to embarrass the United Kingdom at COP26.


China has gone off the rails on energy, threatening to embarrass the United Kingdom at COP26.

CHINA is preparing to build new coal-fired power stations and may be reconsidering its obligations to reduce emissions, handing the UK a humiliating setback ahead of the COP26 summit.

As the energy crisis worsens, China has revealed plans to increase its reliance on coal, threatening to derail the UK’s aspirations for a landmark global deal on phasing out the resource at the COP26 climate change summit later this month. China has been particularly badly struck by the global energy crisis, with thousands of homes and enterprises experiencing rolling blackouts in recent weeks.

Beijing has now stated that it will increase coal consumption, implying a rethinking of its carbon reduction timeline.

The Chinese premier, Li Keqiang, underlined the necessity of consistent energy supply in a statement following a meeting of Beijing’s National Energy Commission.

Up to 20 Chinese provinces are thought to be affected by the crisis, with industries temporarily shut down, stores lighted by candlelight, and reports of mobile network failures following a three-day outage in the northeast.

China is already the world’s greatest coal consumer, obtaining 56 percent of its energy from the material.

China has earlier announced goals to reach peak carbon emissions by 2030 and then reduce emissions to zero by 2060.

According to analysts, China will need to close 600 coal-fired power units in order to meet the 2060 goal.

There was a hint of a change in the plan in the announcement unveiling the new coal plants, which said the crisis had caused the Communist Party to reassess the timing of this objective, with a new “phased schedule and roadmap for peaking carbon emissions.”

According to the statement: “Energy security should be the foundation of every contemporary energy system, and energy self-supply capacity should be increased.

“Given coal’s prominent role in the country’s energy and resource endowment, it’s critical to optimize coal production capacity layouts, build advanced coal-fired power plants as needed to meet development needs, and phase out old coal plants in a systematic manner.”

The message went on to say: “Exploration for oil and gas in the United States will be stepped up.”

President X Jinping’s recent commitments to avoid developing coal plants abroad appear to be at contrast with this increasing reliance on coal.

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