China has been accused of establishing a “post-apocalyptic slave state” aimed at Muslims – “Genocidal!”


China has been accused of establishing a “post-apocalyptic slave state” aimed at Muslims – “Genocidal!”

According to an American journalist, China has constructed a techno-authoritarian state that is “right out of a science fiction novel.”

Beijing has constructed a “vast artificial intelligence dragnet” targeting Uyghurs and other Muslim minorities, according to technology expert Geoffrey Cain.

In China’s western region of Xinjiang, more than a million Muslims are thought to have been confined in internment camps.

At the facilities, there have been numerous reports of torture, forced labor, and sexual abuse.

Mr. Cain is the author of the book “The Perfect Police State: An Undercover Odyssey into China’s Terrifying Future Surveillance Dystopia.”

The book reveals how the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has created one of the most intrusive police governments in human history by utilizing cutting-edge technology, particularly powerful artificial intelligence (AI).

Members of China’s Muslim minority community can be detained and deported on the flimsiest of pretexts, such as growing a beard or having relatives living overseas.

Beijing claims the camps are educational institutions aimed to combating Islamist fanaticism, but former inmates’ testimony suggests they go much further.

Mr Cain described to This website how, following a succession of Islamist terrorist acts in the mid-2010s, Beijing started a massive crackdown.

“The most worrying development came, for me, in December 2017, when I made my most recent journey to Xinjiang China, to a town called Kashgar, which is the historical stronghold of the Uyghurs,” he stated.

“It appeared as if a nuclear war had erupted decades before, and here was the civilization that had become a post-apocalyptic slave state to the technologies that the Chinese government had mastered.

“Government cameras were stationed all over the place, covering nearly every square meter.

“Back in 2017, the government was on the verge of surveilling the entire region, and now they claim to be able to see every square meter, so they’ve made significant progress.”

The Chinese government acquired information from “people’s smart phones, apps, purchases, clicks, and surveillance cameras” and merged it into the Integrated Joint Operations Platform (IJPO).

The data was used in this “huge artificial intelligence dragnet” to predict “when someone would commit a crime in the future, when someone needs to be surveilled further and possibly brought to a concentration camp for brain washing.”

“This is right out of a sci-fi novel…Brinkwire Summary News,” Mr Cain continued.


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