China blasts the US for expanding its trade sanctions list, vowing to fight back vehemently.


China blasts the US for expanding its trade sanctions list, vowing to fight back vehemently.

China has expressed its displeasure with the United States’ plan to broaden an economic blacklist targeting companies with ties to Xi Jinping’s regime.

In response to concerns over human rights violations and the persecution of minority Muslim communities in Xinjiang, Beijing has criticised the United States’ move to add 23 Chinese companies to its economic blacklist. China has condemned the move as a “unreasonable persecution of Chinese enterprises” and pledged to “take necessary steps to protect China’s lawful rights and interests.”

Chinese companies on the sanctions list are normally obliged to apply for trade licenses from the US Department of Commerce, and their requests for permission to acquire goods from US suppliers are scrutinized closely.

China’s military modernization effort is also funded by five entities, according to Washington.

It comes as Conservative MP Alicia Kearns expressed concern that UK exports to China may be contributing to the Uyghur community’s inability to live freely.

“We need to make sure that whenever we legislate, it is legislating to safeguard people,” Ms Kearns told this website.

“One of the things I did was request that the Foreign Affairs Committee investigate what was going on in Xinjiang.

“And one of the things we looked at was whether we were currently shipping equipment that would allow them to subvert their population.

“Are we exporting to them equipment that allows them to control and imprison people?”

“We have to make sure that we are not exporting those things to China,” the MP for Rutland and Melton added. “There have been a lot of discussions about importing, particularly around cotton and things like that, but the exporting point has been missed, and it is critical that we do not allow ourselves to be exporting things that stop and suppress populations from living their lives freely.”


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