Chester has been named the most relaxed city in the United Kingdom.


Chester has been dubbed “Britain’s Most Relaxed City.”

HISTORIC Chester has been dubbed “Britain’s Most Chilled City” because it is the ideal place to unwind.

Based on the lowest number of Google searches for “spas near me,” a “study” found that its residents were the most at ease.

Those in Ely, Cambridgeshire, were the most stressed – and in desperate need of a hot tub.

Researchers discovered that only 0.04 percent of people in Chester looked for a spa last year, making it the top city out of 62.

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However, those in Ely made 100 times more searches for relaxing treatments, according to a study by, wait for it, Aqua Spa and Leisure.

Bath, with its Roman spa, should know where to find a spot of aqua-therapy, but the city, along with Bristol, Chichester, and Truro, is also among the top five “most stressed” places in the country for spa searches.

Cardiff, Aberdeen, Perth, and Canterbury join Chester as the most relaxed cities in the country.

However, according to a study conducted by, wait for it, Aqua Spa and Leisure, those in Ely searched for relaxing treatments 100 times more than those in other parts of the country.


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