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Cheerleading coach, 22, may have sexually abused up to 17 girls who were her students

A top cheerleading coach faces charges of sexually abusing three young female students as prosecutors investigate 14 more potential victims.

The woman, 22, was initially charged with three sexual acts against a female minor which included kissing and touching the girl’s body inappropriately which occurred from August 2015 and December 2017 in a suburb north of Adelaide, SA.

The police further alleged the woman showed the victim sexually inappropriate videos when she originally faced court in April. 

Further charges were laid against the cheerleader on Wednesday which included two accounts of persistent sexual exploitation and four counts of unlawful sexual intercourse that allegedly occurred between August 2015 and April 2016.  

The prosecution said the woman may face even more charges after they provided a list of 14 names who they alleged could be potential victims.  

The cheerleading coach worked with teams who have competed throughout Australia and in overseas competitions.  

The woman’s lawyer, Craig Caldicott, said his client is innocent and the allegations come from ‘jealous rivals.’

‘She used to be in the old club. She’s since moved over and took a number of athletes with her to the new club,’ Mr Caldicott told 9News. 

‘All the complainants appear to come from the old club.’ 

The woman’s bail condition bans her from contacting any of the potential new victims and is prohibited from attended cheerleading events the victims would attend. 

She has also been told she cannot contact people in the cheerleading community.   

Mr Caldicott argued in court for the removal of that bail condition. 

‘If she is at an event and people come up to talk to her, she automatically falls into breach of her bail through no action of her own,’ Mr Caldicott said in court, Adelaide Now reported. 

The prosecution dismissed Mr Caldicott’s request and argued the woman’s bail conditions should be broadened to include no contact with more people. 

They provided a list of 14 names in court that the woman should be banned from contacting.

‘There are other witnesses who have come forward where we say there was offending, but charges have not been laid at this stage,’ the prosecution said. 

‘There will be further consideration to charges being laid in relation to those people.’ 

The woman was remanded on continuing bail until September.  

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