Cheeky monkey: Baboon pulls a face as it sits on safari jeep

A cheeky monkey has been pictured blowing raspberries at tourists through a safari jeep window.

Guide Elisha Issanja, 34, was driving through the Ngorongoro Conservation Area in Tanzania with a car full of tourists when her vehicle was surrounded by a troop of baboons.

One of the primates then jumped on the jeep, squished his face against the window and starting pulling hilarious faces.

The boisterous baboon was pictured showing off his teeth while balancing on the drivers’ wing mirror. 

With one hand he dangled from the jeep as it made its way around the park.

The primate stayed put long enough for the Miss Issanja to get her phone out and capture the encounter.

Ms Issanja said: ‘We were driving in Ngorongoro and we stopped somewhere on the road watching a troop of baboons.

‘Then after a little while one of them jumped on my car and started looking at us closely through the window.

‘Animals want to know who we are as much as we want to know them.’

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