Charlie Stayt’s ‘car accident’ interview with the health minister has been panned by BBC Breakfast viewers.


Charlie Stayt’s ‘car accident’ interview with the health minister has been panned by BBC Breakfast viewers.

On Thursday morning, BBC Breakfast fans were left angry as presenter Charlie Stayt faced off against health minister Sajid Javid in a tense interview that they dubbed a “car crash.”

During a video link interview, the two clashed, with Charlie joined on the red sofa by his co-host Naga Munchetty after her absence last week.

Javid appeared on the show to talk about how there aren’t enough face-to-face GP appointments, and Charlie wasn’t holding back.

“You may recognize one of our regular GPs on this show, Dr Rosemary Leonard, who is a well-respected voice among GPs,” Charlie explained.

“And she claims that your actions as health secretary, Sajid Javid, are inflaming anti-GP sentiment. Furthermore, she claims that you have no idea because there are no locums to recruit if you say they should go out and get more personnel to get more individuals to work for them.” The Member of Parliament answered by saying: “Doctors have done an outstanding job. We are quite fortunate to have our primary care system in place, as well as our excellent GPs.” He went on to explain how the government intends to safeguard GPs from “abuse,” but Charlie cut him off, saying, “I feel like you’re slightly missing the point.” “A GP has accused you of inflaming the rhetoric, the anti-GP vitriol, this morning. That’s what they’re accusing you of “He made a scathing attack on the health minister.

Charlie ended the interview by posing the following question: “I think it’s critical, Sajid Javid… you’re clearly new to the job, and we haven’t spoken to you since the coronavirus lessons learned report.

“Your position as health secretary gives you a powerful voice, especially for the families of those who have lost loved ones. Are you willing to express an unreserved apology for the failures that occurred?” He inquired.

The Member of Parliament replied: “Of course, I apologise. Obviously, I’m new to the position, but on behalf of the government, I apologize to anyone who was harmed or lost a loved one during the pandemic.” Fans went to Twitter to express their dissatisfaction with the interview almost immediately, but it wasn’t because of Charlie.

One of the viewers wrote: “@sajidjavid @BBCBreakfast This morning’s interview appears to be a bit of a shambles. I’m unable to see. The news is summarized by Brinkwire.


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