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Charlie Elphicke’s wife slams ex-Tory MP’s unfair’ two-year sentence for sex attacks – despite leaving him over them

SHAMED Charlie Elphicke’s ex-wife has slammed his two-year jail term for sex attacks on women as an “excessive sentence” this afternoon – despite leaving him over them.

Natalie Elphicke, who took over post as Dover MP, said she supported his bid to overturn his convictions.

She said: “I fully support Charlie in his appeal against both his convictions and today’s excessive sentence.

“The court seems to be on a bit of a mission, it entirely ignored the report of a highly experienced probation officer as well as sentencing guidelines.

“There is no doubt that Charlie behaved badly. However, everyone, Charlie included, has the right to a fair trial, and I don’t believe that he has had one.”

His wife left him after he was found guilty of groping the breasts of two younger women after a three-week trial in July at Southwark Crown Court.

Moments after the verdict came in he was dumped by his wife, who said the jury’s decision spelled “the end of my 25-year marriage”.

She wrote on Twitter in July: “Today’s verdict is one that brings profound sorrow. It ends my 25-year marriage to the only man I have ever loved.

“I would ask for some personal space and time to come to terms with the shocking events of the last three years. I will not be commenting further.”

Mrs Justice Whipple today told the disgraced ex-MP she had “considered carefully” if she should suspend his sentence.

But said: “Bearing in mind the gross breach of your position of power… I am satisfied that appropriate punishment can only be achieved by immediate custody.”

After he was taken from the dock to begin his time in jail, Elphicke said: “Two weeks ago, my legal team sought leave to appeal my conviction to the Court of Appeal.

“That application is made on a number of grounds which demonstrate that my trial was unfair and my conviction unsafe.

“I know that I am innocent of any criminal wrongdoing and will continue to fight to clear my name.”

Today Elphicke appeared wearing a dark blue-grey suit and an open-neck light blue shirt, and gave no reaction as he was jailed and led from the dock.

The judge told him: “This was a campaign of harassment, it required planning to get her alone with you.

“Both women described similar and shocking allegations on them. You’re a sexual predator who used your success and respectability as a cover.”

Elphicke was jailed for 14 months for the first sexual assault, 10 months for the second which will run consecutively, and 10 months for the third which will run concurrently – making two years in total.

Ian Winter QC, defending Elphicke, had urged the judge not to jail him as he is the primary carer for his bullied teen son.

He said: “Shortly, Mr Elphicke’s descent into total disgrace will be complete.

“He has lost his wife, his daughter of 20 years is estranged from him as a direct result of his conviction, and his son, aged 13, has received sustained and quite vicious bullying at his school.”

He added Elphicke’s daughter was set to go to Oxbridge to study but was unable to go due to poor grades.

Mr Winter said Charlie Elphicke had “a fair bit of debt”, adding that his estranged wife loaned him £100,000 to pay for legal bills, but that he owes his lawyers “more than that”.

The dad-of-two carried out the first attack while Natalie was away from their home in Belgravia, central London.

He invited the victim, who was in her early 30s, to his family townhouse in 2007.

He has lost his wife, his daughter of 20 years is estranged from him as a direct result of his conviction, and his son, aged 13, has received sustained and quite vicious bullying at his school.

After groping the woman’s breast, the court heard Elphicke chased her around his kitchen chanting “I’m a naughty Tory”.

Breaking down in court, she told jurors: “I was just shocked – really, really shocked. He was trying to grope me and trying to grab my bum.”

The victim – who cannot be named for legal reasons – said she found Elphicke “physically repulsive” but had stayed silent about the attack to protect his young family.

The court heard Elphicke, a father of two and qualified lawyer, lied to police, senior colleagues and his own wife about what happened.

His wife only learned of his emotional attachment to the other woman when she pored over case files during lockdown.

Elphicke also kept an affair with a third woman between 2015 and 2017 secret from his wife until his arrest in 2018. Neither the victims, or the third woman, can be identified for legal reasons.

Elphicke sobbed through evidence during the trial and was sentenced today.

He was Dover MP from 2010 to 2019 and was succeeded by his wife when he stood down.

Mrs Elphicke arrived hand-in-hand with her husband on the first day of the trial and Elphicke told jurors she had accompanied him every day as they attempted to salvage their marriage.

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