CHAOS EMERGES IN FRANCE: Paris police use batons as anti-Macron protests turn violent.


CHAOS EMERGES IN FRANCE: Paris police use batons as anti-Macron protests turn violent.

FRANCE DEVELOPS CHAOS: Anti-Macron protests in Paris grow violent, prompting police to use batons.

PROTESTS IN PARIS AGAINST Emmanuel Macron’s pro-European government turned violent Thursday afternoon.

Riot police were seen brandishing batons at demonstrators opposing Mr Macron’s idea to make COVID-19 health cards mandatory in the French capital. More than 150,000 people are expected to take to the streets throughout France to protest President Emmanuel Macron’s plan to make licenses required for entrance to a number of public cultural venues.

Protesters marched through eastern Paris chanting “Liberty! Liberty!”

At the same time, a march led by a former top official in Marine Le Pen’s far-right Front National arrived at the Eiffel Tower.

In shocking footage that went popular on social media, police were seen aggressively shoving protestors back.

Several officers are seen wielding batons as the protestors are driven back.

Tear gas and water cannons were reportedly used as the scene turned more violent.

One person posted, “The demonstration in Paris, France against the Macron government’s home vaccine pass is tremendous.”

Another said, “The anti-vaccine protests in Paris have turned into violence.” Protesters and police officers are squabbling. There has been the use of tear gas.”

Approximately 3,000 police officers were on duty to cope with the protests and secure monuments.

Protests were planned in over 150 French cities, including Montpellier, Bordeaux, Marseille, Nice, and Nantes.

It was the third weekend in a row of protests.

There were 161,000 individuals in attendance last weekend, up from 110,000 the week before.

Because the highly deadly delta and gamma strains are still spreading across the country, French officials are enforcing the health permit.

Over 24,000 new daily cases were confirmed on Friday, greatly above the few thousand reported at the start of July.

In response, the government announced that health permits will be required beginning August 9.

Following the Constitutional Council’s ratification of the legislation, many unvaccinated French people signed up for vaccines so that their social lives would not be disrupted.

After a shaky start, vaccine distribution in France has picked up steam, with more than 52 percent of the country’s population having been vaccinated.

On the other hand, Covid continues to threaten the liberties of its anti-establishment residents.

The virus has killed over 111,800 people in France since it began, raising fears that another unchecked outbreak might overwhelm the country’s health system.


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