Changes to E10 fuel: Motorcyclists should be aware that some vehicles are incompatible.


Changes to E10 fuel: Motorcyclists should be aware that some vehicles are incompatible.

MOTORCYCLISTS are being cautioned that the new E10 gasoline changes, which are set to take effect in September, may cause their vehicles to malfunction.

E10 fuel is being introduced by the UK government as a substitute for E5. The difference between the two gasolines is that E10 fuel contains 10% bioethanol whereas E5 fuel contains 5% bioethanol.

Because E10 contains more renewable ethanol, it is better for the environment and reduces carbon emissions.

Although some motorists have already noticed E10 on various forecourts around the country, the new fuel is due to be rolled out in September.

Some people have criticized the decision to replace the standard E5 fuel, claiming that automobiles may not be suitable.

This has been the case for some older historic cars and vehicles, but now some mopeds and motorcycles may not work.

A list of compatible models and manufacturers of cars has been compiled by the European Motorcycle Industry Association (ACEM).

In general, E10 fuel should not be a problem for bikes built after 2016.

They do caution that if a bike isn’t listed, drivers should contact the manufacturer before using E10 gasoline.

Popular motorcycle models including Yamaha, Triumph, Honda, and Harley Davidson all have a wide range of times when motorists can fill up with E10.

E10 is compatible with all Triumph and Yamaha motorcycles made after 1990.

In the case of Harley-Davidson, all models manufactured after 1980 are compatible with E10, while models manufactured prior to this year are encouraged to use RON 98 fuel.

E10 can be used on any Honda motorbike or moped built for the European market after 1993, albeit carburettor-equipped models may have poor driveability in cold weather.

Any BMW Motorrad can run on gasoline containing up to ten percent ethanol (E10), however the number of octanes must be compatible with the model, according to the user manual.

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Victory motorcycles from the United States are in the same boat.

The new gasoline is compatible with KTM bikes and ATVs, as well as Peugeot Scooters models dating back to 2000.

Suzuki has said that E10 can be used in 2002 model years and later. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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