Chanelle Hayes shows off her stunning 8-pound weight loss in a small bikini.


Chanelle Hayes shows off her stunning 8-pound weight loss in a small bikini.

Chanelle Hayes, a former beauty model, flaunted her new shape on a Spanish beach in a yellow bikini after dropping 8 stone after gastric sleeve surgery.

A former Big Brother contestant Chanelle Hayes spiced up a recent winter holiday in Spain by flaunting her small waist in a vibrant yellow bikini.

While the UK was experiencing colder temperatures, the 33-year-old impressed spectators as she took a dip in Palma to escape the heat of Mallorca.

And she appeared to be savoring every moment of her sun-drenched vacation, making the most of the beach and waves.

The mother-of-two has wowed followers with her incredible weight loss journey, which saw her lose more than eight stone after undergoing gastric sleeve surgery.

Chanelle has fought her weight since her meteoric rise to popularity in 2007, and has established a reputation as a body positive guru.

She wrote in a recent social media post: “Let’s speak about bodies for a moment. We all have them, we all loathe parts of them, and we all see other people with bodies that are more appealing to our tastes than our own.

“But let’s speak about bodies for a minute: we need them to live; they allow us to breathe, move, laugh, think, dance, and feel. Our bodies house our hearts, crucial organs, souls, and other vital components.

“Only the outsides of our bodies are visible to us. But who cares more about a phone case than they do about the phone itself?!” I have wobbles and jiggles and parts of myself that I don’t like, but seeing the tangible evidence on paper from my healthcare team about how much my health has improved since the weight loss that generated these jiggles lets me embrace the parts of the outer me that I don’t like.”

Her adoring 117,000 Instagram followers were recently treated to before-and-after photos from the TV star.

“Pics I used to post vs pics I post today,” she captioned the photos. In each of these photos, I am the same weight (give or take 1-2 lbs).

“One was airbrushed to within an inch of its life, and I could still pick it apart, but the other had no editing, and despite the fact that I still don’t like the look of it and would like to modify parts of it, I accept that it is the real me.”

“It disturbs me that some of the photos we put online are so dissimilar to the real us that we wouldn’t recognize each other.” The news is summarized by Brinkwire.


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