Chancellor Rishi Sunak slams Labour in his speech, saying, “We’re serious with YOUR money!”


Chancellor Rishi Sunak slams Labour in his speech, saying, “We’re serious with YOUR money!”

CHANCELLOR Rishi Sunak ripped on Labour in his speech to the Conservative Party Conference, claiming that the party’s track record on public finances speaks for itself.

Mr Sunak went on to say that people in the United Kingdom will never vote for a party that isn’t concerned about money.

During his speech at the Conservative Party Conference later on Monday, the chancellor is expected to announce a £500 million increase in job support.

In the midst of the coronavirus crisis, Mr Sunak has stated that he is willing to “double down” on his vow to “do whatever it takes.”


After Chancellor Rishi Sunak stated there had been 5 Labour leaders and 7 shadow chancellors since 2010, Robert Peston accused him of being unable to count.

He stated, “I calculate four leaders and five shadow chancellors.”

I’ve been attempting to make @RishiSunak’s sums work. I’m afraid I won’t be able to do it. u201c Since 2010, we’ve had five Labour Party leaders and seven Shadow Chancellors. I estimate that there will be four leaders and five shadow chancellors. #cpc2021 Torsten Bell, a former Labour staffer, said the Chancellor’s speech implied he’s George Osbourne on public finances and welfare, and a “West Coast capital venture bro” on how Britain would flourish post-pandemic and post-Brexit.

The big picture is that we just learned that @RishiSunak is a West Coast venture capital bro when it comes to how Britain can flourish post-pandemic/post-Brexit. The Child Poverty Action Group has said that nothing in Rishi Sunak’s speech will help worried parents.

According to the organisation, the reduction in the Universal Credit uplift, which will take effect on October 6, will leave millions of families unable to make ends meet.

Nothing said by the Chancellor today in his speech will reassure worried parents. Millions of families will be unable to make ends meet as a result of the cuts to #UniversalCredit. Cutting the salaries of the poorest people would not help them find work, and it will increase child poverty. #KeepTheLifeline #CPC21 In response to the Chancellor’s speech, the Federation of Small Firms stated that it is unfortunate that more is not being done to address staffing expenses, which are a substantial drain on small businesses.

Itu2019s regrettable that more isnu2019t being done to reduce labor costs. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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