Chancellor Rishi Sunak is ‘frustrated’ with Boris Johnson’s ‘chaotic’ No10.


Chancellor Rishi Sunak is ‘frustrated’ with Boris Johnson’s ‘chaotic’ No10.

Allies of the Chancellor allege that RISHI SUNAK is losing patience with Boris Johnson’s “chaotic” Number 10.

Rishi Suank, 41, is said to be growing increasingly “frustrated” with his 57-year-old next-door neighbor Boris Johnson and his “chaotic” operations inside Number 10. Following damaging Tory rebellions and Government U-turns, Mr Sunak, who was elevated to Chancellor of the Exchequer by the Prime Minister in February 2020, is believed to believe that more professionalism is required.

Concerns were heightened last week when Number 10 relaxed its purse constraints by announcing a £96 billion new investment in the integrated rail review at the expense of HS2.

The Prime Minister’s difficulties reached a head when rumours surfaced that up to a dozen Tory MPs had written letters of no confidence to the chair of the 1922 Committee in an attempt to force Mr Johnson out of office.

“Rishi is not combative, but he takes things seriously,” a close ally of the Brexit-backing Chancellor told the Times.

“He thinks things through and goes through them methodically.” He’s fed up with the No. 10 operation.

“Everything is a jumble at No 10.”

According to a source close to Sunak, Cabinet Secretary Simon Case, 42, and Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff Dan Rosenfield, 44, have both been chastised.

“Case and Rosenfield act like starry-eyed young researchers trying to make him [the Prime Minister]feel good,” the insider stated.

“However, challenging someone whose political celebrity is built on being fumbling and disorganized is difficult.”

“Rishi continues getting smacked by the cyclone of turmoil next door,” another insider said. You can deal with it in the short term, but when there are no signals that it will change, it gets more difficult to bear.” However, the MP for Richmond in Yorkshire has had a difficult week as it was revealed that his chief of staff, Liam Booth-Smith, briefed the BBC on how there was “a lot of anxiety in the building about the Prime Minister.”

According to reports, Cabinet ministers are demanding for Mr Booth-Smith to be fired as a result of the allegations.

“The Chancellor’s squad is out of control,” one source told the Sun, “and Liam has to be sacked.”

While the Treasury denies the allegations, the Times reports that the Chancellor will have to safeguard his special adviser as prominent officials inside the government. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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