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Chad Hurst is crowned the WINNER of Big Brother during the live finale

Chad Hurst was crowned the winner of Big Brother after 40 days in the house, during Wednesday night’s live finale episode.

The 27-year-old international male model earned the most votes by the Australian public, ahead of girlfriend Sophie Budack and former AFL star Daniel Gorringe.

Chad takes home the reduced $234,656 cash prize, after Kieran Davidson left the show with $15,344 after a shock stand-off with Sophie on an episode last week. 

Joined by his proud mother Helen, Chad could not hide his shock as he exclaimed ‘F**k!’ on live television. 

‘Apologies, apologies for the language but it’s a pretty intense moment,’ he said.   

Asked by host Sonia Kruger what was going through his mind, Chad responded: ‘You know, I went on [Big Brother], I honestly think it’s fate. The old boy (his late father), it’s his show. 

‘I had me Ma next to me, that’s all that mattered. So thank you, everyone.’

Chad previously told Daily Mail Australia that he applied for Big Brother to honour his late father.

‘I was on the show for dad, and I know I’ve made him proud now, but it would be good to take home the money to pay ma’s bills. She bloody deserves it,’ he said.

The tattooed hunk said he would pay his mother’s bills and shout a boys’ trip to The Whitsundays, given COVID-19 has removed Las Vegas as an option. 

Chad takes home a reduced cash prize of $234,656, after Kieran left the show with $15,344 last Wednesday.  

Kieran, 21, proved exactly why he became known as this season’s ‘mastermind’ by stealing thousands from the winner’s prize fund. 

Host Sonia Kruger tempted Kieran and Sophie, 25, with a rising money counter, and said whoever pressed the buzzer could leave the competition with that amount. 

The Adelaide YouTube star left Big Brother with $15,344 after a shock stand-off with Sophie in the White Room. 

‘I just won $15,000 of the grand prize total and I couldn’t be happier!’ Kieran said after pressing the red button just before the timer ran out.  

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