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Celtic boss Neil Lennon reveals the one position in which he wants to make two signings

CELTIC boss Neil Lennon has revealed that he is planning on strengthening the right-back position this summer with TWO signings.

Lennon has already made three signings this summer – Christopher Julien, Boli Mbombo and Luca Connell.

Rivals Rangers, however, have secured eight new players, with pressure building on Lennon to build a squad worthy of more success next season.


Left-back Kieran Tierney has been linked with a move to Arsenal, but it’s the opposite defensive flank that Lennon is keen to strengthen.

He said: “There’s a position that we’d like to bring two in. Maybe a younger one to develop and one that is ready to hit the ground running, a loan or permanent.

“It will depend if we have any bids for our players. Then we have to take a view on it if it’s the right thing for the club to do. We have to have options if that eventuality comes along.

“We’ll trim the squad here and there as we go along. But nothing concrete at the minute.”

Meanwhile, midfielder Oliver Ntcham has expressed his desire to leave, something which has irked Lennon, who has lamented the way his player has gone public with his demands.

“I don’t need to speak to him, he has to come and see me, his team-mates and the club,” Lennon said.

“We’ll see him on Monday and then he can start his pre-season work. He’s had two and a half weeks off so he won’t need a lot of conditioning work – maybe a bit upstairs.

“I will need to have a chat with him on that. It’s a question of sitting down and having it out with him. Finding out where that [his comments] came from and what his mindset is.”

Lennon also stated that Ntcham’s behaviour has been something new for him to deal with.

“It’s new to me. For him to go public about it without speaking to the club first is wrong – he is under contract,” he added.

“Whether he’s unhappy or not it shouldn’t have been made for public consumption the way he has done it.

“He will be reminded of his responsibilities while he is still here. If he wants to go, we will have to sit down and take a view on it.

“I don’t know if it has been prompted by him or someone else. We’ll get to the bottom of it when he comes in.”

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