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Celebrity chef Luke Mangan shares his typical daily diet and what he really eats in a day

Top Sydney chef and restaurateur behind Luke’s Kitchen and Glass Brasserie Luke Mangan has shared his typical daily diet, as well as his favourite weeknight meal and how he uses up leftovers.

The 50-year-old celebrity foodie said he religiously starts his day with a 6am strong coffee and a few laps of Bondi Beach, before breakfasting on warm water with lemon and porridge oats with skimmed milk, water and honey at around 7.30am.

‘At 9.15am, I’ll have a Piccolo coffee at work,’ Luke told the Sydney Morning Herald. 

This is followed by a second breakfast at 10.30am while he conducts a cafe meeting.

Around this time, the chef explained he can’t resist a third coffee and a croissant with butter and jam.

Lunchtime is a busy time in a chef’s kitchen, and it is often the one time when Luke gets to try new potential main courses and desserts for his two restaurants.

On this particular day, he said he had just ‘one bite’ of each of the potential main courses and puddings.

Typical dishes on offer at Glass Brasserie and Luke’s Kitchen include ocean trout sashimi, aromatic spices, trout roe, apple, feta and nori and chargrilled fillet of beef, Jerusalem artichokes, tomato salsa with olive jus.

Due to the rich nature of the food he tries for his job, Luke explained that he prefers to keep things simple when it comes to having his own lunch:

‘I have a lunch of steamed salmon with green veggies and lemon,’ he told the publication.

The chef doesn’t eat dinner until 9pm, when he catches a quick break, but at this time Luke said he treats himself to a ‘200-gram sirloin steak, served medium-rare with green salad and veggies’.

He accompanies it with a gin and tonic, a glass of Chardonnay and a glass of Shiraz. 

The chef previously told Taste that his favourite mid-week dinner depends on the season.

‘In summer, it’s something on the barbie that involves very little washing up! Winter is all about homemade soup; I make a big pot of it and let it bubble away on the stove so there’s always something healthy on hand,’ Luke said.

He also likes to use up any leftovers in soups, pies and frittatas – all of which are both nutritious and delicious. 

Luke has also shared with FEMAIL his secret to the perfectly succulent honey-glazed ham. 

‘Ham tends to have a lot of excess fat, so I like to trim the fat so it’s no more than 5mm deep, otherwise all the beautiful flavours don’t get absorbed,’ Mr Mangan told Daily Mail Australia. 

‘Don’t throw away the fat though, it’s great to cook with or put it at the bottom of the baking tray you’ll be putting the ham into.’

For the perfect glossy glaze, Luke likes to use Guinness stout, maple syrup, honey and seeded mustard.

The restaurateur said a ‘quality cooked ham leg on the bone’ makes a delicious, perfectly cooked honey-glazed ham. 

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