Cat found living at motorway services seven MONTHS later – reunited with family.


Seven MONTHS later, a cat lost at a motorway rest stop was discovered living there and reunited with its family.

After she was discovered still living at a motorway service station seven months after she went missing, a CAT was reunited with her delighted family.

Millie escaped from her basket last June while her owners Shaun Ore, 56, and Pauline Dearing, 42, were at Gloucester Services.

The couple searched for their beloved pet for nine hours before finally giving up and continuing their journey.

Animals Lost and Found in Gloucestershire (Alfig) contacted them this week to say Millie had been found by staff at the services.

“She was just Millie,” Ms Dearing explained. “I gave her a big cuddle and she went belly up in my arms.”

“To survive on the M5 is just amazing,” Mr. Ore added.

On June 12, the couple was driving from West Bromwich to St Ives, Cornwall, when they stopped on the M5.

Millie, who was brown and black in color, accompanied them on the journey to help her get used to the vehicle.

The two-year-old cat wriggled free from her harness and vanished when the couple took her out of her crate to stretch her legs.

They were given permission to search the service station, but after nine hours, they were forced to give up.

“To be honest, I didn’t want to leave,” Mr Ore said.

I returned a few times, taking her favorite treats and a bite of Pauline’s.

“It wasn’t the same; you’re used to having something there 24 hours a day, and then all of a sudden it was gone.”

Pauline contacted Louise Davies from Alfig after they returned home, and she put up posters and spoke to people at the service station.

Ms Davies was contacted by Gloucester Services five weeks ago, who informed her that a cat matching Millie’s description had been found.

Millie had grown accustomed to living in the wild, so staff were unable to approach her.

Ms Davies received another call from the service station earlier this month, informing her that the cat had been lured in with some food.

They confirmed Millie’s identity by scanning her microchip and reunited her with Ms Davies and Mr Ore.

“We were shocked! I texted her back and said, ‘Are you joking?'” Pauline explained.

Millie was adopted from a shelter as a feral kitten, and the couple believes that her early experiences influenced her behavior.

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