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‘Casual daters’ who moved in before lockdown reveal they’re now buying a HOUSE with kids & marriage in the works

A COUPLE who were dating for just a few months before shacking up during lockdown have revealed that they’re happier than ever and are now buying a house together.

What’s more, the fast-moving couple confessed they are already talking about marriage and kids.

Gabriella Miller and her boyfriend Ed appeared on Lorraine to talk about their relationship.

In March, Gabriella and Ed had been seeing each other for four months, but were only able to see each other at weekends.

But just prior to UK lockdown in late March, professional coach Gabriella made a spur of the moment decision to move in with Ed for a week – but she ended up inadvertently moving in with him.

She said: “He’s so amazing. He’s just like interesting and kind and funny and intelligent, we talk and laugh all the time.

“I called my best friend and said “I’m just going to Ed’s” and she was like “do it!'”.

“It’s really been so natural since then, we just really enjoyed it and I’ve sort of stayed a bit longer and then a bit longer”

Gabriella’s leap of faith paid off, as she says they are still head of heels for each other and shacking up during the pandemic means they are now set on buying a home together.

She said: ‘I gave up my flat and now we’re buying a flat. It just felt really right. In all the ups and downs in what’s happened globally and with us, I’ve never doubted [that I did the right thing].

Before meeting Ed, she confessed that she didn’t think she’d ever settle down.

She said: “I’d sort of given up on dating. I dated so much and I was always sort of forcing myself into it.'”

When Lorraine asked what the future holds for the couple, Ed replied: “I think I’m sensing what kind of question you’re asking.

“Things are going really well for me, I don’t think anyone foresaw what was going to happen.”

The twosome told Lorraine that they’ll share their story with the grandkids, saying it’s ‘gold’ as far as ‘how you met’ stories go.

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