CAROLE MALONE believes that political vandals have made a mockery of justice.


CAROLE MALONE claims that political vandals have made a mockery of justice.

How in God’s name could our legal system have let a bunch of self-styled Black Lives Matter thugs get away with causing criminal damage after a clear cut case?

These so-called “activists,” a politically correct term for a gang of middle-class vandals, were caught on camera assisting in the removal and destruction of Edward Colston’s statue.

And they were allowed to do so while indifferent cops stood by doing nothing.

Nonetheless, a jury found them not guilty.

Is this how it will be in the future? If your crime is deemed to be in the name of a “good cause” such as fighting climate change, racism, or slavery the law will not apply to you? You can shut down cities, riot, and destroy monuments in the name of a “cause”?

Even though I spent years as a court reporter watching juries, many of whom clearly didn’t understand or weren’t interested in the evidence in front of them, I used to support the jury system.

Even that, I reasoned, had to be better than what the Establishment had to offer.

I’m not so sure now.

Because the verdict this week in Bristol Crown Court was based on a “cause” rather than the actual evidence.

And the consequences will be disastrous because it gives every two-bob thug, every naive rebel who thinks he’s got a cause, permission to destroy and deface parts of our history and society that they don’t like.

This week’s jury in the Colston Four case didn’t deliver justice; in fact, they made a mockery of the process.

And I’m curious how tolerant those jurors would be if these thugs had targeted their homes or families because they’d said or done something the mob didn’t like? Because that’s exactly where we’re headed…

The judge, Peter Blair QC, expressed concern that defense lawyers may have exerted undue pressure on the jury by urging them to “be on the right side of history.”

So why did he allow them to be pushed?

Yes, he told the jurors to ignore the rhetoric, but he should have made it clear that he would declare a mistrial if the case wasn’t decided on the evidence.

These thugs claimed they attempted to desecrate Colston’s statue because it was a “hate crime.”

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