Carol Kirkwood of the BBC weather service warns of heavy rain in the UK as a cold front sweeps through the country.


BBC Weather meteorologist Carol Kirkwood forecast heavy rain for parts of the UK as temperatures set to drop this week.

BBC Weather forecaster Carol Kirkwood noted this week will prove cooler than the last, temperature-wise. She also said heavy rain from the Atlantic will strike Scotland and move further south as the week goes on. The first half of the week will see settled weather conditions for much of the south of England.

However, as we head closer to the weekend outbreaks of rain are expected.

Ms Kirkwood said: “It is a chilly start to the day this morning.

“This week it is going to be cooler than last week, largely dry though there is still rain in the forecast.

“Looking at the rainfall, the heaviest rain will be across the north and west of Scotland.

“It will be dry for many of us through the week but we will see a little bit more rain by the time we get to the latter part of the week.”

The BBC weather forecaster highlighted how cold the temperatures would be this week.

Ms Kirkwood said: “It is cold if you are just stepping out.

“In Benson in Oxfordshire, the temperature is 3C, in Sennybridge and Katesbridge it is only 4C.

“But in Benbecula we get 12C, it is almost tropical.

“We have also got this new weather front bringing in this cloud and also some rain.

“The weather fairly settled in the south, not much in the way of wind.

“This rain is going to continue to push southwards and eastwards, cloud building ahead of it.

“It will be thick enough over parts of Northern England and also Northern Ireland at times to give the odd spot of rain.

“The brighter skies will be further south where you can see there is hardly a breeze.

“The gusts will be a little bit stronger in the north and the west.”


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