Carol Kirkwood of the BBC Weather Service warns of ‘biblical’ heavy showers as the UK battles thunderstorms.


Carol Kirkwood of the BBC Weather Service warns of ‘biblical’ heavy showers as the UK battles thunderstorms.

Carol Kirkwood, a BBC Weather meteorologist, has predicted “biblical” amounts of rain over the UK.

Carol Kirkwood, a BBC weather forecaster, cautioned Britons to expect heavy rain and thunderstorms on Tuesday. She predicted that many portions of England and Scotland will experience severe rain. She said that while there may be brief periods of sunshine in regions less affected by the rain, showers should still be expected.

“We’ve had biblical rain here this morning,” Ms Kirkwood remarked.

“Today’s outlook calls for showers as the rain heads northward.

“There will be some sunshine, but it will also be quite windy over the south.

“Our rain is being driven by low pressure, which has been moving in from the southwest overnight, bringing torrential downpours to some of us, and it will be moving north into areas of England and eastern Scotland as well.”

Ms Kirkwood highlighted that there would be some sunshine west of this wall of rain into Tuesday.

She did agree, though, that many locations would have a hard time avoiding rains at some point during the day.

“Some of those showers will be heavy and thunderous,” she added.

“It’s also extremely gusty; we’re expecting quite gusty conditions across the south-east and east Anglia,” says the forecaster.

“Today’s temperatures range from 15 degrees in the north to around 20, 21 degrees in the south.

“If you’re going to Wimbledon today, we’re expecting drier and brighter conditions after this morning’s rain, but there will be some showers about.

“Because it will be windy, at least some of the showers will pass quickly.”

Ms Kirkwood wrapped up by describing the weather forecast for Tuesday evening.

“Our low pressure travels up to Scotland this evening and overnight, with some cloud and rain,” she said.

“However, the showers will dissipate, the breeze will dissipate, and temperatures will rise into the double digits.

“Wednesday will be a bright day with some showers for the majority of us.”


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