Carol Kirkwood of the BBC Weather Service says that temperatures will plummet to 3 degrees Celsius as heavy rain sweeps in.


Carol Kirkwood of the BBC Weather Service says that temperatures will plummet to 3 degrees Celsius as heavy rain sweeps in.

Cold weather and heavy rain are expected across the UK in the next days, according to BBC WEATHER.

Carol Kirkwood of the BBC Weather Service has cautioned that temperatures around the southern coast dipped to 3C last night, with clear skies predicted to keep temperatures low on Wednesday. In Scotland, the Met Office has issued a flood warning that will begin at 8 a.m. Ms Kirkwood expressed her thoughts as follows: “It will be gloomy and cool around the North Sea coast, in particular.

“We’re dealing with a weather front that’s bringing some rain to the area.

“High pressure to the west keeps things calm, although the temperature in Bournemouth dropped to 3°C this morning under clear sky.

“We’ve also had some mist and fog in central and southwest England.

“The rain isn’t very hard; it’s more of an annoyance than anything else.

“It will begin to mature over the day, bringing heavier rain at times.

“Later in the day, the sun shines brightest in central and southern England, as well as along the North Sea coast. We’re expecting temperatures of around 16°C.

“We’ll get some bright skies to begin the evening and overnight, with a lot of cloud out towards the west and some drizzle around the beaches, as well as a strong weather front heading across Scotland.”

It comes as a solar storm is scheduled to hit Earth on Monday night, giving Scotland, the north of England, and Northern Ireland a chance to see the Northern Lights.

This is due to a Coronal Mass Ejection, a large explosion of material from the sun that can generate a geomagnetic storm, in which the Earth’s magnetic field is disrupted.

The event might cause power grid variations as well as “orientation inconsistencies” for spacecraft, according to the US Space Weather Prediction Centre.

Aurora might be seen as far south as New York, Wisconsin, and Washington. There’s a probability of moderate class flares here as well, according to the Met Office, however overcast will likely obscure the view for some.

“Aurora is possible across much of Scotland through the 11th and 12th,” the Met Office said, “but cloud concentrations are increasing, making observations improbable for most.”

“There is a minor chance of aurora reaching the far north of England and Northern Ireland tonight, but cloud breaks will prevent this.” “..


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