Carol Kirkwood of BBC Weather warns of a new cold front as a wall of rain sweeps across the UK.


BBC Weather have forecast a new cold front to grip the UK ahead of heavy rain moving in from the north.

BBC Weather forecaster Carol Kirkwood noted it will remain dry and cloudy for many for most of Wednesday. However, by the end of the day a new cold and wet weather front is set to move in from Scotland. This weather front will bring stronger winds, colder air and heavy rain for much of the UK.

Ms Kirkwood said: “High pressure is keeping things fairly stagnant, we have got this weather front Sthat moved through the course of the night bringing some heavy rain for Scotland.

“We are starting off with some spots of rain along the east coast as well.

“As we go through the course of the day the cloud will build in east Anglia.

“Showers will be persisting across the far north and west of Scotland.”

Ms Kirkwood noted that temperatures for Wednesday will between 12 and 17C.

She added it won’t feel as cool as previous days in the week.

She went on to say overnight it will remain dry for many with only small outbreaks of rain in Scotland.

She added: “That front I mentioned is a cold front and it is going to sink slowly southwards.

“It will be getting into southern Scotland and Northern Ireland by the end of the day and it is going to be accompanied by gusty winds.

“There will be heavy rain initially that will be spreading southwards, weakening a touch as it does so.

Ms Kirkwood closed by saying: “Temperatures tomorrow will be cooling down in the north but we are still in the comparatively mild conditions as we move further south.

“It is not going to last though because here comes that weather front overnight Thursday.

“It will be sinking steadily southwards as it does so.

“It brings in cooler air behind it as represented by the blues on the map.

“We will still see the mild conditions but only in the far south of England.

“It also brings in some clearer air with it.”


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