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Carer is left unable to sleep because of the sound of neighbours having ‘vigorous sex’

A live-in carer was kept awake because it sounded as if one of her neighbours in ‘a posh retirement flat’ was having sex so loudly she could hear everything from her bedroom. 

Lucy Dearlove was looking after some elders at a retirement home in Chelsea during the heat wave when she opened her window and heard others slamming their windows shut because a woman was moaning. 

The moans were so noisy Lucy and her neighbours could hear them from across the street. 

She said: ‘It was so hot that night and everyone had their windows open, which is what drew me to it. 

‘I heard all of these windows slamming shut which I thought was strange.

‘Then I heard the moaning. It carried on for 30 minutes in total.

The 34-year-old only filmed the sounds for a minute including when Lucy to burst out laughing at the bizarre situation. 

Lucy, from Canterbury, Kent, said: ‘I felt like a naughty teenager just tittering in the background.

‘I just wasn’t expecting it because pretty much everyone around there is in their old age.

‘It was a bit of a shock. I just found it hilarious. I’m glad someone was getting some action.’         

‘It was just so odd, I’ve worked there for a few years and the majority of people who live there are elderly.

‘It was around midnight and was so hot I was in the kitchen, which is when I heard it.

‘When I finally went to bed I couldn’t hear any more moaning. I did manage to get a little bit of sleep thankfully.’

When Lucy uploaded the video to social media it caused quite a stir, with some people impressed OAPs were still having fun.

One comment said: ‘Sounds like she’s having the time of her life.’ 

Another person wrote: ‘Sounds like he’s going to need a new hip.’

One commenter said: ‘Maybe she suffers from sciatica and she’s trying to get out of the bath.’

When Lucy responded saying the suggestion was ‘suspiciously specific’, a reply read: ‘It’s all about knowing your moans from your groans.’

One person joked: ‘Looking forward to retirement babeh!’

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