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Caprice left feeling ‘traumatised’ and ‘invaded’ after robbers stole £40k of cash and jewellery

CAPRICE has told how she has been left feeling “traumatised” and “invaded” after robbers ransacked her holiday home.

They grabbed £40,000 of cash, jewellery and watches belonging to friends who were house guests.

The Dancing on Ice star, 48, told The Sun on Sunday: “It was absolutely terrifying for myself and my two sons. One won’t sleep without us since the robbery and I keep waking up thinking a creak in the house during the night is another robbery.

“I feel like our private place has been breached and it’s hard to feel safe any more.”

Ex-model Caprice fears the raid on the Spanish isle of Ibiza was the result of a tip-off and has since bought a guard dog and installed a new security system.

The intruders escaped with Rolex watches, cash and gold jewellery belonging to friends just days after she was snapped partying on her yacht with Leicester City striker Jamie Vardy, 33, and his wife Rebekah, 38.

Caprice, who has a place in Santa Eularia, said: “We love our holiday home and always see it as a retreat to get away from the world, especially during these uncertain times. It is our safe place.

“We had some old friends to stay. I had no real clue, but they had all brought expensive things with them including watches and necklaces worth thousands, and lots of cash. Had I known, I would’ve sealed the home when we went out!”

Caprice, her businessman husband Ty Comfort, 54, six-year-old sons Jett and Jax, and their three guests headed out at 2pm on August 5. They returned to the six-bedroom pad at 5pm. Caprice said: “I remember getting in and something not being right.

“One of my guests went to their room and came out immediately and said, ‘My Rolex has gone?’ It had been next to the bed My heart sank. I realised we’d been robbed. My friends were devastated. I burst into tears. I felt so guilty, so invaded. I felt my sanctuary had been breached. It was terrible.”

Caprice immediately called the police. The following day she headed to the local courthouse to give a statement.

But she said: “It has really freaked me and the whole family out. The boys are the most scared. It’s heartbreaking to have to tell them someone came into the house.

“Perhaps the most frightening thing is that I think it was an inside job — someone knew we would all be out.”

Caprice, who married Ty in December after ten years together, added: “Something as terrifying as this makes you grateful for what you have.”     

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