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Can YOU find the butterfly among the field of sunflowers?

A tricky new brainteaser is challenging players to find a single butterfly hiding in a busy field of sunflowers.

Hungarian children’s illustrator and viral puzzle sensation Gergely Dudás, better known as Dudolf, recently shared the seek-and-find puzzle on his website and Facebook page for fans to enjoy.   

Players are asked to spot the single butterfly in the hectic garden scene and, to throw people off and make things as difficult as possible, the sunflower petals look frustratingly similar to the illusive insect. 

The cartoonist also filled the vibrant image with plenty of playful characters, brightly coloured accessories and extra details to try and confuse the eye.

If you’re struggling to find the answer, then here’s a clue – feast your eyes towards the left-hand side of the busy image. 

Give up? Scroll down to find the well-hidden butterfly highlighted. 

But don’t fret if you didn’t manage to complete the tricky challenge this time round – because it’s just the latest in a long line of brainteasers sweeping the web.

Last week, Dudolf shared a tricky spot the difference puzzle which left even the most eagle-eyed players scratching their heads. 

He challenged players to find the seven things separating these two almost identical beach scenes. 

To make things as difficult as possible, Dudolf filled the vibrant images with plenty of playful characters, brightly coloured accessories and extra details to try and confuse the eye. 

To have any hope of getting all seven, you will have to pay close attention to even the smallest of objects. 

The puzzle, shared on Dudolf’s Facebook and website, proved popular with his fans, who agreed it was ‘seriously difficult’ but ‘fun’. 

One posted: ‘Found five! Then I needed the solution’. Another wrote: ‘Couldn’t find the last one, but finally did.’ A third asked: ‘Did everyone have as much difficulty as I did?’ 

If you’re struggling to find them then here’s a clue: the differences may be as small as a change in logo or a detail on an item of clothing.

Still having a hard time? You’ll find the solutions below. 

It comes just weeks after Dudolf challenged players to find the snake hiding in a jungle-themed seek-and-find puzzle.

The brainteaser shows a jungle scene in shades of green, with birds flitting between branches and thick foliage in the background. 

But the single slithering snake is almost impossible to find. 

The challenging graphic, produced by the illustrator of Fox & Rabbit, prompted fans of Dudolf’s work to say it is ‘very difficult’. 

If you’re looking for a place to start, begin by working from left to right and look closely between the leaves to see if anything is hiding.

Try not to be put off by the vine leaves and parrots as you weave you way through the jungle to find the snake. 

And if you are still struggling, try looking closely at the patterns on the leaves to spot the creature. 

Give up? Then scroll down to find the answer highlighted among the faded jungle scene. 

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