‘Can we express our condolences? There isn’t a chance in hell!’ The British taunt Germany over the EU budget stalemate.


‘Can we express our condolences? There isn’t a chance in hell!’ The British taunt Germany over the EU budget stalemate.

BRITAIN has criticized Germany after MPs slammed the country’s soaring contributions to the European Union’s annual budget, which they believe is being squandered by rogue states.

According to a recent research by the German news agency DPA, Germany contributed £16.4 billion to Brussels’ coffers last year. This contrasts to France’s £8 billion and Italy’s £5.3 billion expenditures. Poland was believed to be the highest net recipient, receiving £10.5 billion more from the EU budget than it paid in, while Hungary also benefited greatly from large EU funding flows.

This is despite the fact that both of these countries have been accused of breaking the bloc’s laws.

Even pro-Brussels German MPs were outraged by the amount of money being given to putative rogue states and the rate at which their own contributions to the EU budget are increasing.

However, Germans have been ripped apart by Britons, who have shown little sympathy for the EU’s might.

One reader of this website responded to our initial report by saying, “Sympathy from the UK?” There isn’t a chance in hell!”

“Don’t you like it now that GB’s ‘cash cow’ has left?” wrote a second individual.

“Isn’t this why we, in part, left?” another reader wondered.

“I assume they were happy when we were paying for the majority of it.”

“The UK’s contribution this year should have been £14 billion,” a fourth person remarked. We’re glad we got out of there.”

Many German lawmakers are angry by Germany’s large contributions to the EU budget, with Daniel Freund, a Green MEP, ranting, “If we want to prevent Hungary and Poland from evolving further into autocracies, the EU Commission must immediately stop paying EU money to Warsaw and Budapest.”

“The European Commission should act promptly and stop EU money, especially in Hungary, but also in Poland,” said EU Parliament vice-president Katarina Barley, a German MEP and member of the Social Democratic Party.

“We are dealing with inadequacies in terms of adherence to democratic values in both of these countries.

“Both in Hungary and Poland, the situation is deteriorating.”

“It is outrageous that Germany continues to pay much more into the EU budget than all other member states,” German MEP Nicolaus Fest stated.

“Hardworking Germans deserve better than to have their money used to prop up a weak and failing EU.”


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