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Can I still go on holiday to Wales and Scotland? New UK Covid travel rules explained

HOLIDAY plans have been scuppered for large groups of families and friends due to the government’s new six person rule.

Here is what you need to know if you’re heading to Wales and Scotland, where the rules differ.

In England, the rule of six only allows groups of that number to meet up and go on holidays – this includes all kids, even babies and toddlers.

Trips to hotels and holiday parks can still go ahead, as long as it is six people of less.

However, the government has warned that any contact between houses may also soon be restricted again, meaning group holidays would not go ahead.

Last night Boris Johnson said: “If we were forced into a new national lockdown, that would threaten not just jobs and livelihoods but the loving human contact on which we all depend.”

The rules are not the same for going on holiday in Wales – while the country is enforcing the rule of six for holidays and gatherings, this doesn’t include children.

In Wales, kids under 11 are exempt which means families and friends who want to go on a trip with their kids in tow can do so without breaking the rules, as long as they aren’t in England.

For example, three couples from three households could meet up with as many children as they like, meaning a holiday with as many as 12 people could go ahead or more.

Some areas are in full lockdown – Merthyr Tydfil, Newport, Bridgend and Blaenau Gwent are in lockdown with people told not to leave the area unless essential, such as food, school or medical care – not holidays or attractions.

First Minister of Wales Mark Drakeford told BBC’s Today Programme about going on holiday from England to Wales: “Well if it’s not an essential journey, I’d ask people to think very carefully about not making it.”

However, he caveated this by saying he was not saying “no holidays”.

Bosses at Trecco Bay Caravan Park in Wales turfed out stunned holidaymakers after the site was forced to close suddenly due to strict new Covid laws yesterday.

These rules may also change at the last minute, putting a holiday booked far in advance at risk of facing disruption.

Last night, Scotland banned all indoor gatherings, meaning holidays with groups are not allowed to go ahead.

That means different households are no longer able to meet up in people’s homes or indoors, but they will be able to meet up outdoors and in private gardens as long as they follow the rule of six.

However, a single household will still be able to go on holiday, but they will not be able to meet anyone inside.

In Scotland, areas including Glasgow, Clyde and Lanarkshire are facing restrictions but these will not affect holidays, as hotels, pubs and restaurants will remain open and welcoming customers.

However, pubs and restaurants must close by 10pm under new curfew rules.

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