Camilla’s boss reveals what she’s really like – and how she’s’very taken’ with her one true love.


Camilla’s boss reveals what she’s really like – and how she’s’very taken’ with her one true love.

According to a charity executive who revealed what Prince Charles’ wife is actually like in person, CAMILLA, DUCHESS OF CORNWALL has a “genuine love and enthusiasm” for reading.

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall is well-known for her charity endeavors, and she has now added Silver Stories to her increasing list of patrons. Tegan, 10, and Ollie, 11, gave the 74-year-old a telephone storytime recently, reading from Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and David Walliams’ The Ice Monster. “You should be an actress,” she urged Ollie, praising the couple. You do a fantastic job with all of the characters’ voices.” Elisabeth Carney-Haworth OBE, a retired headteacher, and her husband, David, a former police officer, founded Silver Stories in 2016.

The organisation, which has offices in Devon, Cornwall, Cumbria, and other regions of the UK, promotes children to read to the elderly in order to alleviate loneliness.

And it appears that the charity appealed to the Duchess of Cornwall for a personal purpose.

Camilla is recognized for her love of gardening as well as her support of organisations that help the elderly and vulnerable.

“I think she was attracted to the organisation because, if you look at the other organizations she works with, she certainly has a true love and passion for encouraging youngsters to enjoy reading,” Mrs Carney-Haworth told This website.

“The Duchess of Cornwall also has excellent linkages with how we look after the elder generation, and she was particularly taken with our charity’s intergenerational relationship – linking our young readers with our senior people within the community,” she continued.

Mrs Carney-Haworth said the couple had met Camilla several times over the years and were “quite taken” by her openness.

“It was so easy to chat to her and nice to know how interested she was in the charity and the job we were doing,” she told this website.

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She went on to say that having the royal seal of approval has helped her reach even more people.

“When a member of the Royal Family is involved with. “Brinkwire Summary News,” the charity’s founder remarked, “news outlets and members of the public pay attention.”


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