Camilla makes life “more pleasant” for Charles in a rare public display of affection.


Camilla makes life “more pleasant” for Charles in a rare public display of affection.

In Singapore, Prince Charles and Camilla were seen sharing a rare kiss.

In 2017, as they began their tour of Southeast Asia, the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall put on a love show, and now a body language expert has explained the dynamics of their public relationship. The royal pair had been away for a few days as the Duchess decided to take some time off before embarking on a trip of India and Southeast Asia.

Camilla arrived in Singapore before Charles, who met her at their hotel before greeting Commonwealth athletes.

Since 2005, the heir to the kingdom and his wife have been blissfully married.

The Duchess of Cornwall frequently joins Charles on his royal duties, but the couple maintains a respectful distance and rarely displays evidence of intimacy.

Judi James, a body language expert, explained to This website why Camilla keeps her distance from Charles in public.

“Any more intimate signals are held for the kind of official images they have taken for birthdays and anniversaries, and in these we do get a peek of a much more overtly fond relationship as Camilla relaxes and shifts out of her more formal royal role,” she explained.

Camilla makes Charles’ life “more pleasant” and gives him “signs of support” when they are out in public, according to the expert.

“Having seen one wife become a public celebrity who eclipsed him every time they appeared together, Charles appears to have picked a lady with whom he does not have to share or compete with his second,” Ms James added.

“Camilla’s demeanor implies a woman sent to this world to make Charles’s life easier.

“Her supportive and flattering behaviors, as well as her attentive signals, are mostly prompted by Charles, rather than the cameras or even their hosts.


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