Camilla drives royal fans into a frenzy with a heartfelt plea from the Duchess of Cornwall.


Camilla drives royal fans into a frenzy with a heartfelt plea from the Duchess of Cornwall.

CAMILLA, Duchess of Cornwall, has been hailed for her work with the cancer charity Maggie’s, stating on BBC Breakfast that she would like to see a Maggie’s centre in every NHS cancer hospital.

After her recent interview with BBC Breakfast, royal fans took to social media to laud the Duchess of Cornwall. Camilla, 74, acknowledged the value of providing a safe environment for those suffering from cancer, as well as a haven for their relatives, while speaking to mark the 25th anniversary of the cancer charity Maggie’s. As she made the poignant call for more Maggie’s Centres to be built by NHS hospitals, social media users lauded the Duchess as “amazing.”

“I think it’s the nicest thing,” Camilla told BBC Breakfast, “to be able to just cross the road and go to this quiet, cosy, warm centre and chat to experts who really know everything there is to know about cancer.”

She expressed her desire to have a Maggie’s Centre created in every NHS cancer hospital in the UK as she celebrated the organization’s milestone.

Twitter fans expressed their adoration for the Duchess on the platform.

@bykriiistiiie, for example, wrote: “Her dedication to this fantastic organization is admirable. Basically, everything she does is wonderful. Will always adore and support her.” @Balabusta0G commented: “The best was when @GHmagazine published the Duchess’s fruit cake recipe as part of a piece honoring Maggie’s Centre’s work a few years ago. Wonderful!” “Fantastic sites, pleased Camilla is publicizing them!” remarked another user, @Sapphireblues3. Maggie’s Centres originally opened in Edinburgh in 1996, when founder Maggie Keswick Jencks used her own breast cancer experience to pioneer a new style of cancer care.

Patients can seek counsel, information, and comfort in a calm and welcoming environment at the centers.

There are now 24 locations open in the United Kingdom, with three more opening abroad. The foundation expects to have opened 30 centers by the end of 2022, with many more in the works.

Help with emotional management is given, as well as classes in gardening, spirituality, and creative therapies held at the centers.

Experts in cancer care, benefits advisors, psychiatrists, and nutritionists staff the centers, which urge patients to sit with a. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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