“Callous politicians”: Ivanka Trump takes shot at Corona lockdown in own country – and posts juicy video


Nowhere in the world is the coronavirus as rampant as in the USA. Despite this, people from the Trump administration in particular have repeatedly attracted attention with dubious statements about corona and the measures taken against the virus. Now Ivanka Trump comments on the lockdown rules in the state of California.

Corona lockdown USA: few restrictions despite high Corona infection figures.

There is still no nationwide shutdown or lockdown in effect in the U.S. despite permanently rising Corona infection numbers. As reported by the New York Times, only a handful of states have retail closures and only three have curfews. Despite these lax restrictions compared to Europe, members of the Trump family in particular continue to attract attention with their vocal criticism of the Corona measures. Just recently, Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump* lamented on Twitter, “These blanket lockdowns are scientifically unsound. These arbitrary rules imposed by uncaring politicians destroy lives. It’s just wrong that small business owners have to fight so hard to keep their American dream alive.”

In the video, which Ivanka shared on Twitter, a store owner from the California city of Ventura can be seen in an argument with local health department officials. The store owner had opened his restaurant against local regulations. In the heated debate over the interpretation of Corona measures in California, the store owner repeatedly asks the officials, “Are you going to pay my rent?” Ivanka apparently takes this as an opportunity to stir up sentiment against the unpopular lockdown rules.

The president’s daughter’s tweets are more than irritating in view of the current infection situation in California. The U.S. state is currently the most affected state in the U.S. with 1.7 million Corona cases and an average weekly increase of circa. 35,000. Due to the rising infection numbers, a curfew is in effect in counties that have less than 15% availability in their ICUs.

Ivanka is not alone in her remarks. Donald Trump’s eldest son Donald Trump Junior also shared Ivanka’s tweet. On Twitter, he wrote: “The politicians and media who still support [the lockdown]are actively destroying lives, but they don’t care because their paychecks aren’t on the line.” Donald Trump* has also increasingly spoken out against hard lockdowns. In early November, he sharply criticized the measures in Europe during a campaign appearance, saying, “Europe has imposed draconian lockdowns, and yet their caseloads are exploding, their deaths are skyrocketing, and their economies are – let’s face it, you see what’s happening – they’re in shambles.”



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