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Calais superstore ‘fuelling Channel crisis by flogging life jackets, paddles and bilge pump to migrants’

A CALAIS superstore has been accused of fuelling the migrant crisis by brazenly flogging them channel hopping gear including lifejackets, paddles and even a bilge pump.

Migrants have been seen repeatedly walking out of Decathlon just minutes away from a 750-strong camp.

One shocking photo shows a migrant having bought a bilge pump – used to pump out water from boats – and others with bags of equipment. Some have even spoken of their frustration at life jackets being sold out there. They claim it is their “go-to place”.

Now the store is facing calls to stop selling to migrants and ask for ID from its customers as the crisis grows.

It has even been dubbed a “one stop shop for migrants” by one Tory MP. 

The store has been accused of profiteering from exploitation and making ruthless gang bosses who organise the dangerous crossings even richer.

Three Iranians who say they faced a death sentence for their religious beliefs told The Sun they queued for life jackets but there were none left.

They said the store was popular with migrants who wanted to buy equipment. 

Life jackets have sold out at the store at least twice this week.

One migrant who arrived in Dover earlier this month with a Decathlon Sandever beach tennis racket attached to a stick to use as an oar. 

Tory MP Andrew Bridgen said: “It’s a one stop shop for migrants. They can go there to kit themselves out for their journeys. It’s immoral. 

“They should ask for ID. It shows how the illegal migration into the UK is seen by the French. 

“It’s deeply concerning.”

When the Mayor of Calais was asked whether Decathlon should ask for ID in light of the fact migrants are buying products from there for the crossings, a spokesman said: “Calais is run according to the law.”

The spokesman added that the Mayor had no remit to alter retail law.

Decathlon was contacted for comment. 

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