Caitlin Moran describes Cornwall as “overcrowded, pricey, and uncharming” after her experience with chips.


Caitlin Moran describes Cornwall as “overcrowded, pricey, and uncharming” after her experience with chips.

CORNWALL has been dubbed “overcrowded, costly, and unappealing” by a New York Times columnist who spent two hours in a café queuing for chips.

Caitlin Moran went to Porth, near Newquay, during what has been a very busy summer for domestic tourism as a result of the pandemic. After a long wait in line, the vacationer eventually gave up on the chips.

And, according to Cornwall Live, Caitlin described the county as “chaotically crowded” since then.

Ms Moran, a well-known journalist and broadcaster, wrote a review that appeared in The Times over the weekend.

“Despite the fact that Britain is full of extremely lovely landscapes — the Welsh Marches; Cumbria; Ayrshire; a spot I recently saw near Stafford – Cornwall is an excessively popular tourist destination, and demand far outstrips supply.

“We’ve all heard about the news story about a £71,000-per-week holiday property in Cornwall. We’ve all seen the overcrowded beaches and cafés. We all know how adversely it affects the people who live in regions where mass tourism has distorted the environment. We know they’d rather that about half of us simply f*** off. Despite this, we continue to go.”

She went on to say that Cornwall has essentially been added to many Brits’ “bucket lists,” making the area “overcrowded, costly, and uncharming.”

Cornwall has been crowned the best UK tourist destination for the last nine years in a row by the British Travel Awards, and it has been reported that by June, 98 percent of holiday accommodation in Cornwall had been booked for the summer months.

Locals have been “priced out of home towns that are frighteningly vacant in the winter and chaotically crammed with dawdling gawkers in high season,” according to Ms Moran.

Residents believe that the scenario has pushed many people out of the housing market, prompting campaigners to call for immediate action to alleviate the housing issue.

A demonstration in Truro, south Cornwall, is planned for later this month to urge quick action.


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