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Byron Bay couple offering $200 for an au pair to work 40 hours a week divides the internet

A ‘wellness’ couple has sparked debate for offering just $200 a week to an au pair in exchange for 40 hours of household duties and gardening.


The Byron Bay couple, who run a wellness business, posted an ad on social media asking for a nanny or an au pair to care for their two children and their pet dog.

The nanny would be required to look after two girls under the age of five, perform school drop offs, prepare the family’s meals, travel interstate with the family, tend to their organic veggie patch and take on overnight care.

In return, the nanny will be provided their own private studio next to a swimming pool, organic meals, a van to use when required and all expenses such as water, power and internet covered.

However, social media users were shocked by the measly $200 weekly payment, which works out at $5 per hour.

Do you think $200 is enough?

Do you think $200 is enough?

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‘I’d say pay more! That’s not enough for anyone (even after you’re paying what you’re paying for)… Don’t be stingy,’ one commented. 

‘Wow I’m truly shocked that nanny’s only get paid this. No offence meant. But shocked … $200 per week doesn’t seem like much for that schedule.’

But others quickly jumped to the couple’s defence, saying their offer was incredible given the nanny gets their own studio and meals all for free.

‘Au pair in general is free accommodation and food for exchange of looking after kids, taking them to school etc but you save $1000 for rent and $600 for food. Forget the money on top! That’s a bonus,’ one commented.

Another said: ‘I see nothing wrong with $200, your own studio and all expenses covered.’

And another added: ‘I was an au pair overseas and can confirm this is a normal rate.’

The comments come after the couple – who run businesses in ‘wellness and renewable energy’ – listed their requirements on Facebook.

‘Easy going family looking for a Nanny/au pair to look after our girls and live in your own private studio,’ the ad said.

‘What is required from you: Meals prepared. School drop off, 2x dinners cooked per weeks (vegetarian) and four full day care 9am to 6pm or 7 pm.

‘Possible trip [interstate] to help with children. Flexible schedule, some evenings. Approximately 40 hours a week, 10 to 12 hours where one child asleep another at school. The odd overnight where we both travel for two days to [interstate].

The candidate must be ‘moderately experienced at cooking’, enjoys crafts and music, have childcare experience, hold a driver’s license and help support a ‘healthy children’s rhythm and ritual’.

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