‘By September, it’ll be lockdown!’ Boris Johnson is slammed by Nigel Farage for making promises that were never kept.


‘By September, it’ll be lockdown!’ Boris Johnson is slammed by Nigel Farage for making promises that were never kept.

Despite Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s “promises,” Nigel Farage erupted in rage on GB News, predicting that the UK will be locked down again by September.

Boris Johnson has repeatedly failed to deliver on his promises to lift restrictions during the coronavirus pandemic, according to the former Brexit Party leader, who predicts a return to lockdown after the summer.

Nigel Farage went on to say that a series of haphazard policies, such as the requirement for double-jabbed travelers returning to the UK from France to self-isolate, show that July 19 “doesn’t feel” like Independence Day, and he didn’t hold back in expressing his concerns about the possible restrictions that await Britain.

Mr Farage stated that he “dislikes” the title “Freedom Day.”

“It doesn’t feel like Independence Day,” he explained.

“And I have to add, right now in France, there are half a million individuals who have suddenly learned…

“That they will have to self-isolate when they return to the United Kingdom, even if they have been doubly jabbed.

“Those half a million people aren’t celebrating Independence Day!

“I’m afraid I believe we’ll be back in lockdown by September!”

“And I just wish Boris Johnson wouldn’t make a whole series of promises that he hasn’t kept.”

“I’m frustrated,” the Brexit supporter added.

“Add to that the midnight news that Health Secretary Sajid Javid has tested positive for coronavirus,” he continued.

“Last week, he had lengthy conversations with the Chancellor and Prime Minister.

“You’d think that means the government as a whole would have to self-isolate.

“However, it isn’t quite like that… For certain of our leaders, the rules are different!”

Many coronavirus restrictions in England will be lifted on Monday, July 19, including social separation, mask-wearing, and limits on hospitality places.

However, the government has advised Britons to use “common sense” and to continue wearing masks on a voluntary basis in congested locations such as public transportation.

On Saturday, Health Secretary Sajid Javid tested positive for coronavirus, and on Sunday, it was announced that Boris Johnson and Chancellor Rishi Sunak, who were ‘pinged’ by the NHS covid app for their contact with Javid, would skip isolation as part of a ‘Test & Release’ pilot scheme, would avoid isolation.

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