By charging £950 for a one-bedroom home, a landlord is accused of ‘killing Cornwall.’


By charging £950 for a one-bedroom home, a landlord is accused of ‘killing Cornwall.’

After providing a one-bed property for roughly £1,000 every calendar month, a LANDLORD was labeled “greedy” and accused of “destroying Cornwall.”

The “one-bedroom detached flat” is located in the New Polzeath district of the county, close to the north coast. A landlord, who appears to own a shop out of county, listed it for £950pcm.

There is no information on the property other than that it is “furnished and fully equipped” for a single individual.

Locals in the charming beach community, however, think the pricing is excessive and that the landlord will have difficulty finding tenants who can afford it.

According to Cornwall Live, local resident Alice Watts said that the listing “promotes greed.”

On Facebook, she wrote: “Thanks…. for not assisting our neighborhood, for encouraging greed in the region, and for believing that this is a reasonable rent for such a little house.

“This is what is causing the people who live and work in Cornwall to die.

“When you come back soon enough, there won’t be anyone here to serve you anything.”

Another user commented: “Most folks in this area can’t afford it. Many single-income households could not afford such a hefty rent.” “It’s really outrageous when there are so many people fighting to find somewhere to live,” says a third commenter. Others were blunter, accusing the lister of “greed.”

“It’s a joke to be honest, not many locals probably earn much more than that… very greedy,” Danielle Marie added.

“That rent is just greedy,” Donna Phillips commented.

Cornwall is having a housing crisis, as this website revealed earlier this summer, with second property ownership on the rise. As a result, many residents in the area have been priced out of the housing market, prompting campaigners to issue an urgent plea for action in August.

As a result of the pandemic, more individuals are flocking to Cornwall to work remotely. As a result of more landlords selling or converting their properties to vacation rentals, house prices have risen far above what a local can pay.

Reach PLC called the landlord of the New Polzeath flat for comment, but we have yet to hear back.


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