By 2016, the Brexit voter will have made up his mind. ‘Life is what you make it!’ says the Leave vote in a passionate slap down.


A BREXIT voter has stood by his decision in 2016 to back leaving the EU in a passionate call to LBC with Eddie Mair.

A Brexit voter has refused to go back on the decision to back leave in 2016 when but on the spot by LBC presenter Eddie Mair. John from Accrington in Lancashire voted to leave the EU and told Mr Mair he stood by the decision despite the shortages and supply chain issues which have since been blamed on Brexit. He told the LBC host that “l life is what you make it” before stressing the country should come together and seize the benefits from being out of the EU.

John told LBC host Eddie Mair: “Life is what you make it.

“Yeah we made the decision to come out be it a good decision or a made decision, obviously will remain to be seen 100 percent.

“But nonetheless it is a decision that has been made and as a country, we need to stop arguing over the tosses of whether it would have been better to stay or go.

“It is the same with the Covid crisis nobody wanted it to happen and there has been massive suffering as a result of it but as a world and as a people we have got to get on with it and just heads down and say right let’s do right for everybody else and do as much as we can for each other.


“To try and recover to make to where we were if we can.”

Mr Mair asked: “If you had a time machine if you knew in 2016 where we would be at this moment would you still have voted leave?”

John replied: “I think I would to be honest.

“I think I would.”

It comes as the European Commission vice president urged the UK to work with the bloc to end the stand-off over the contentious post-Brexit trading arrangements as he unveiled a series of measures that would slash regulatory checks and dramatically cut customs processes on the movement of goods.

The measures, designed to tackle disruption caused by the protocol, would see an 80% reduction in checks envisaged for retail agri-food products arriving in Northern Ireland from Great Britain.

The proposed changes also remove the prospect of certain British produce, including Cumberland sausages, being banned. “Brinkwire Summary News”.


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