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‘Bunnings Karen’ vows to sue cops over arrest after she confronted staff at Melbourne hardware store

The ‘Bunnings Karen’ who berated staff for telling her to put on a mask in coronavirus-ridden Melbourne has vowed to sue police for arresting her.

Kerry Nash, 42, filmed her shocking outburst inside a store in the Melbourne suburb of Narre Warren on Friday and posted it on a conspiracy theorist group.

She accused staff at the store of abusing her human rights by politely asking her to wear a mask, and was briefly arrested after clashing with police outside.    

Ms Nash was later released by officers after revealing she had a medical exemption, which she had initially chosen not to present to staff. 

The former iSelect sales consultant posted videos of the incident, shot by herself and a friend, to a notorious Australian conspiracy theory Facebook group.

‘We will be taking legal action against the police and we will post here what the outcome is once it happens… however long that may take,’ she wrote.

‘I am going to go through the common law court and also their own court against them.’

It was not clear what legal action Ms Nash would be taking, but she claimed the officers ‘assaulted’ her. 

Ms Nash said she would speak to G&B Lawyers, which last week provoked controversy by telling Victorians to ignore the mandatory mask order.

‘Free legal advice to all Victorians. Don’t wear a mask. Get a $200 fine then elect to have it determined in Court,’ the law firm posted on Facebook.

‘Every single one of you 6.359 million Victorians can challenge the fines in court.

‘The Victorian Government won’t fight you in court. It is far too expensive for them to do so.’

Ms Nash repeatedly claimed the arrest was illegal, and alleged the officers injured her when they pushed her against a car and handcuffed her.

‘I consented under duress to identify myself along with showing my medical exemption. Otherwise I was going to be illegally imprisoned,’ she wrote.

‘No charges, no fine. I committed no offence or crime. They however did.

‘He was quite violent when he cuffed me, trust me… if we had of kept walking he would have tackled us both to the ground and injured us both… it was safer to consent.’

Ms Nash claimed the verbal jousting between herself, her friend, and several officers in the car park was ‘a very intense situation for two women to be in’. 

‘The two original police kept coming back and throwing barbs at both myself and my friend to try and reignite the situation,’ she said.

‘We think that he was playing to an audience and made sure he put on a show for them.’

Ms Nash numerous times in the comments of her videos explained she had a medical exemption to wearing a mask but never specified on what grounds.

‘We’ve been checked over by a doctor and just processing it all,’ she wrote in an update to group members on Sunday.

‘All we wanted to do was go to Bunnings to buy some stain…. Bunnings tried to refuse us entry as wearing a mask is a condition of entry. 

They took it upon themselves to call the police. You’ll note when I told them about the [Health and Human Service Department] website and the charter of human rights and that discrimination is illegal.

‘They behaved in a way that suggested that Bunnings overrules not only the Australian Government but also the Charter of Human Rights.’

Anti-mask crusaders like Ms Nash frequently appeal to the 1948 United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

She claims she was discriminated against due to her health, but in reality if she had produced the exemption the whole situation could have been avoided.

A day before the Bunnings incident she also clashed with staff at Australia Post who asked her to wear a mask inside the shop, but police were not called. 

Ms Nash posts to the Facebook group under the pseudonym ‘Quincy Adams’, a likely reference to John Quincy Adams, U.S. President in 1825 to 1829. 

The group, run by controversial conspiracy theorist and bodybuilder James Bartolo, is a haven for bizarre beliefs including fear of vaccines and 5G.

Ms Nash’s posts are well in keeping with the theme and have gathered pace since masks were made compulsory last week.

‘We can refuse to enter the contract.. but these sheeple don’t know that,’ she wrote when the new law was announced.

On Friday she gave incendiary advice on how to confront security guards asking for masks to be worn.

‘Being treated like a leper in a public area is humiliating and is only adding further trauma to you and that they are personally liable for this,’ she wrote.

‘At the end of the day, we are simply peacefully exercising our rights and hopefully waking others up as we go.’

Another series of bizarre posts went even further off the conspiracy theory deep end and revealed she was once a Jehovah’s Witness.

‘History has proven we are all owned as slaved by the Vatican since 1306 we are their slaves… time to claim our Strawman back!’ she wrote with a link to a dubious blog post.

The ‘strawman’ argument is a belief that a person is two separate entities; their physical being and their separate legal persona. 

The widely-disputed idea is that a person’s legal responsibilities, including debts and taxes, belong to the strawman rather than the physical individual.  

She followed this up with: ‘You read the post about the Vatican owning our souls that I posted about 5 hours ago, it’ll give you some insight.

‘The Vatican is NOT the Catholic Church it’s one very F’d up cult and it truly runs the world. It’s a long read… but worth it.’

Ms Nash then claimed that ‘having been raised in the JW cult’ she could ‘join the dots’ between ‘politicians and royals and Hollywood elites’.

Earlier this month Ms Nash used the same ridiculous argument as fellow ‘sovereign citizens’ who insist laws don’t apply to them to challenge a parking fine.

‘I explained Supreme Court finding 2013 and referendum 1988… this is their response… they’re clearly illiterate!’ she wrote in response to a letter rejecting her appeal.

‘They haven’t signed their name… so they know it’s fraud and don’t you just LOVE the threat at the end about taking me to the magistrates court???’

‘I am toying with referring them to our constitution of 1901 and that I can park where ever the hell I want on the road for FREE.’  

A Victoria Police spokesman said  

The video of Ms Nash’s extraordinary rant inside a Bunnings store was posted to Facebook on Sunday as Victoria recorded 459 new coronavirus cases and ten deaths.

‘It’s a breach of the charter of human rights,’ she said as she aggressively filmed the staff on her mobile phone and threatened to sue them for discrimination. 

Ms Nash filmed staff during the dispute and refused to stop despite the calm requests of a male employee. 

Other videos posted on Facebook show her later being arrested by two police officers outside in the Lauderdale Road car park. 

She eventually revealed she had a medical exemption for not wearing a mask after a drawn-out standoff with police.

When more officers arrived at the scene, Ms Nash had her handcuffs taken off but launched into a debate with officers as to why her arrest was unlawful. 

She claimed legislation in place allowing police to arrest her was not voted upon by Australians or approved by the monarch.

‘You’re talking about legislation that hasn’t been presented to parliament three times, we the people haven’t given our consent to act under it, and it hasn’t been consented by the queen,’ she said.

‘That legislation is fraudulent. It doesn’t apply to me.’

Growing impatient, the sergeant said he was not going to argue over her ‘opinion’ about the law.

‘That’s your personal belief, but that is not the law we work under,’ he said.

‘I am not going enter into an argument about what you believe the law is. That is a conversation between you and the judicial system.’

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