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Bunnings Karen anti-masker Lizzy Rose claims she performed spiritual healing on former Australian PM

A woman dubbed ‘Bunnings Karen’ who refused to wear a mask at the hardware store has made claims she performed a spiritual healing on a former prime minister.

Self-proclaimed high priestess and exorcist Lizzy Rose controversially filmed herself clashing with Bunnings staff over the mandatory face masks.

All residents in metropolitan Melbourne and Mitchell Shire are required to cover their faces when they leave their homes during the current stay-at-home orders.

In a resurfaced interview with student journalists from Macleay College from last year, Ms Rose made claims she had removed negative energies from members of parliament, lawyers, judges and surgeons.

‘I’ve had people from Parliament. Our Australian government, believe it or not,’ she said in the interview.

‘Two councillors, a mayor and a former prime minister of this country who has come in here not for demonic possession or exorcism but healing of sorts from negative energies.

‘So everyone from judges, lawyers, doctors, surgeons, hippies, the homeless. Children, newborn babies.’

The self-proclaimed witch did not disclose who it was that she had performed the healing on.

On Wednesday Ms Rose bragged about travelling to ‘numerous country towns’ in Victoria despite being in an area with a strict stay-at-home order.

‘It was wonderful to get my nails done and chat with the locals about the truth of the coronavirus agenda and to encourage people to say NO to wearing a forced facial muzzle of compliance,’ she wrote on Facebook.

Ms Rose said she was not breaching the stay at home restrictions as she has ‘a letter of exemption’.

‘I travel for education purposes as I’m currently studying and I have a letter of exemption to authorise that travel.

‘I travel to many places in Victoria just like thousands of other people right now are. I don’t deliberately travel to random areas.’

Ms Rose also said her work requires her to move around.

‘l also travel due to my business to see my clients, along the way I will stop to grab some food or get my nails done,’ she wrote.

‘This is my small way of boosting the economy and keeping my sanity.’

Ms Rose continued to claim she was not breaching the restrictions – which have been introduced for the safety of Victorians.

Ms Rose has emerged as a high-profile member of a group of Melburnians that has come to police attention since mandatory mask laws came into force on Thursday July 23.

Victoria Police have issued 103 fines in the past 24 hours over the breaching of Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton’s directions to behave during COVID-19.

There were also 33 fines issued for failing to wear a face covering when leaving home.

Victorians in lockdown are only allowed to leave their homes for four reasons: Shopping for food or other essential items, to provide care, for exercise and for work or study.

Victoria recorded 295 new cases on Wednesday, marking the 24th consecutive day of a triple-digit increase.

Nine more fatalities were also reported, taking the state’s death total to 92 and the national figure to 176. 

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