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Brute shouted ‘you better shut up’ at crying baby girl, 1, before ‘tying her feet and arms together with duct tape’

A MAN allegedly tied up a one-year-old girl with duct tape after telling her to “shut up.”

Daniel Smith, 27, and his wife Barbara are facing charges after allegedly abusing a child in Florida over the weekend.

Daniel has been charged with aggravated child abuse, false imprisonment, neglect, and battery.

According to police, Barbara did not use duct tape on the young child but did not intervene and is therefore facing accessory charges.

The couple was said to be at a home in Deltona when the incident occurred.

The police report outlines that witnesses called 911 after seeing Daniel become annoyed with the child and allegedly say “you better shut up,” WFLA-TV reported.

Witnesses also said Daniel allegedly tied the girl’s arms and feet together with duct tape.

According to witnesses, the girl was crying as she was duct taped.

Daniel later told investigators that the one-year-old doesn’t listen and “gets into stuff.”

Police said witnesses were able to remove the child from the Smiths and removed the tape.

WFLA reported that Barbara’s bond is lower than Daniel’s, as she did not participate in taping the child.

She later said she should have done something and intervened, according to authorities.

The child reportedly had red marks on her wrists and ankles but is otherwise unhurt.

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